The fateful time of choosing the flooring for your kitchen has arrived. Panic on board, you do not know what to choose. Between the tiles, a basic very widely acclaimed, the porcelain stoneware, bluffing and current, wood, timeless and warm, the cement tiles, which allows a little madness, and the sophisticated polished concrete … You do not know where give the head. Decryption.



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1. Option 1: Tiling

Tile ranges are so wide that it’s almost impossible to list exactly all the available models. That said, let’s assume that everything exists for this basic kitchen flooring! Tiling has more than one advantage: it is easy to clean and, thanks to its small thickness, adapts to all floors!



4. Option 4: Cement tiles

Colorful, patterned, neutral, traditional or more contemporary, the family of cement tiles is gigantic. Which leaves you a considerable choice! Perfect for defining a kitchen area, you can place them on the entire surface of the floor, or as a frieze, along the kitchen furniture. Everything is allowed ! However, be careful to protect and treat your cement tiles after installation, using a pore stopper: a stain is quickly arrived!



5. Option 5: waxed concrete

Popular for its raw effect, waxed concrete is a charming asset to the kitchen since it skates over time, despite its layer of protective varnish.Moreover, nothing obliges you to limit it to humid rooms: if you want a smooth and harmonious floor, it can be poured everywhere in the house. The waxed concrete exists in a multitude of colors, but the classic gray and beige are generally the most appreciated, because natural, discreet and sophisticated.
Tip: The polished concrete likes the total look, from the floor, to the walls, through the kitchen worktop, but also by the furniture!