Alone or two, breakfast in bed is a rare and precious moment, a break in the week. In the heat of the quilt, the body and the spirit wake up gently, ready to savor the sweetness of life. All our tips to make the most of this intimate ritual that has become a luxury …


Tip # 1: Use the right tray

If it’s even better when it’s improvised on awakening, breakfast in bed can not be successful if it’s not served on the right board. So before you want to wake up the love of your life or your last conquest with its favorite coffee-croissant, the first thing to do is to invest in a large plateau with wide edges, which will avoid ending up with flooded sheets and towels. crumbs on the pillow! And if you plan to reiterate the experience every Sunday, then do not hesitate and fall for a tray on foot … Real four-star service!
Waffles breakfast in bed



Tip # 4: Take care of the details

And for a romantic breakfast, do not forget the flowers! A small improvised bouquet in a glass or jar of jam will make this moment a true proof of love, even if the toasts are burned and the tea is too infused. Better still avoid too fragrant flowers and those whose pollen is likely to trigger a sneezing crisis … Otherwise think about sliding on the shelf a small word or simply bring a book or magazine to invite the other to hang out in bed as long as possible …
Breakfast in romantic bed



Tip # 5: Take your time

And now that everything is perfect, take your time and let go! Too bad if the grapefruit juice ends up overturning and the sheets are decorated with strawberry jam, the moment must be devoted to relaxation, well-being, reading and the pleasure of living.What if happiness started with a greedy and relaxing awakening?
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