It’s time for flowers! Make your decoration bloom with this selection of highly ornate decorative objects. From the doormat to the curtain, through the canvases to display, every corner of the house deserves its dose of flowers. A selection for a good mood!
Doormat coconut HOME flowered
Set the tone at the entrance with this flower mat! Original, delicate and seasonal, this doormat will announce the beginnings of your floral and spring decoration. What make your neighbors blush with envy.
Floral Embroidered Cushion
With its delicate beige and pink tones, this cushion embroidered with a graphic flower will bring a romantic and feminine spirit, always welcome in a room.It’s not counting on its white satin that gives more embroidery!
Blooming Magniola Tables in 40x40cm
Printed on a real canvas, this work plays the card of spring and originality. Before your eyes and from your sofa, you can admire the blooming magniolas, and four different canvases, please. We can not refuse you anything.
Mini flower garden tray
The floral decor is not just about your interior. Go on the terrace with this mini flowered tray that recalls the most beautiful romantic gardens. An ideal object to accompany your first lemonade of the season.
Evanescence Duvet Cover
Sweet dreams spring thanks to this floral duvet cover imagined by Tradition des Vosges.In the room, it ensures freshness and decoration for the whole season. Feminine wish, this cover will make happy!
Indian flowery curtain
Bring spring into the house with this curtain made of cotton cloth. Put it in a bedroom or living room and enjoy its rosy complexion. Bright and delicate, it will illuminate the room for sure.
Lot of 6 flower cups
What’s more romantic than a flowery dish? We wonder well. This set of 6 ivory flower cups will bring a touch of English and refined decor to your table. Ideal to put down your best pastries or to bring coffee!
Center table in galva
Make your decor bloom in the smallest details and even on the table! This galva centerpiece has a great contemporary look.Place your own flower arrangements or fake plants for year-round enjoyment.
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