Stainless steel, called stainless, gives a modern touch to your rooms: sink, worktop, hood … The only problem with this cheap and resistant material: it gets dirty quickly and is often covered with traces of water, fingers … How to clean it? We tell you everything.


Our tips

– Solutions for cleaning stainless steel
– Remove stains on stainless steel
– Shine the stainless steel
– Protect stainless steel everyday
– Products to avoid on stainless steel



1. Solutions for cleaning stainless steel

Whether stained, tarnished or stung, there are several tips for cleaning stainless steel, often with natural products.
soapy water: the simplest! Apply on a damp sponge.
baking soda: melt it in a little hot water and clean your stainless steel surface.
household alcohol: put a few drops on a clean cloth and rub gently.
the meudon white: put it on a wet micro-fiber wipe and wash.
olive oil: a few drops on a cloth are very effective. You can add a little lemon or white vinegar.
silver stone: the multipurpose cleaner works very well on stainless steel
olive oil-clean-inix-tip



2. Remove stains on stainless steel

Your credenza or stainless steel sink is stained? Do not panic, nothing is easier than removing a stain:
limestone: a few drops of dishwashing liquid on a wet sponge and you’re done!
fat: use glass or a little washing up liquid.
black spots: mix 1 drop of black soap, 3 drops of oil + 1 tablespoon of glycerine.
fingerprints: hot water mixed with a little lemon juice.
Whichever product is used, clean in the direction of the grain of stainless steel and wipe immediately with a clean, dry cloth so as not to leave any marks.



3. Shine the stainless steel

To polish a worktop or stainless steel hood, put a little talc on a cloth and gently rub the surface. It works with flour too. You will also have a nice result with a mixture of sparkling water and silver stone. You will restore all its brilliance to your tarnished surface!
Other Alternatives : Newspaper, slightly moistened, will make your hood shine. Finally, the potato is surprisingly a super “shine” agent for stainless steel! Cut in half, just rub it on the surface to shine.
potato-tip-clean-stainless steel



4.Protect stainless steel daily

wax-bee-tip- stainless-cleaning
Stainless steel is a material that dulls quickly and is easily covered with water and finger marks. To avoid this, it must be polished regularly. Do not let the dirt get dirty by taking the reflex to clean it immediately.
To protect it, a little simple advice: beeswax! Apply a thin layer on the stainless steel with a chamois or a soft cloth. This is an effective protective layer that prevents scratches.



5. Products to avoid on stainless steel

To clean stainless steel, it is better to avoid abrasive products: powder, sponge scraper, iron straw, scouring pad, anti-scale … they scratch the stainless steel. />
Also avoid acidic products and stain removers such as bleach, which could damage your stainless steel surface: chlorine damages the protective film of stainless steel and leaves stains.
If you have accidentally used it, immediately rinse with plenty of water and allow to dry well.