Ancestral technique from Japan, origami inspires many designers and seduces all fans of creative hobbies. Today, the art of folding reinvents itself and invests decorative objects, lighting, frames and many more. With origami, the decor folds in four and even noble materials – like wood – imitate its geometric effects. Discover our best inspirations to adopt origami in your interior. On your marks ? Ready ? Fold!


1. An animal trophy

trophy origami giraffe
Much cuter than a real hunting trophy, the origami trophy can decorate a wall in an original and offbeat way. And as it does no harm to anyone, we can afford to cohabit with the wildest animals and allow ourselves all the eccentricities.Here is a giraffe head that brings peps and exoticism to the room. With its yellow chick color, it wakes up the deep blue of the wall. We imagine it perfectly in a child’s room as in a corridor or associated with other frames and mirrors for a decor type ‘wall of curiosities’ …



2. A stylish luminaire

origami suspension
We can never say it enough, light is essential to our well-being in an interior. To sublimate your light sources, how about inviting origami? Suspension, wall lamp or accent lamp, origami reinvents lighting and gives volume and character to all lampshades. If you like DIY, nothing prevents you from creating an origami light yourself. Especially since it is an inexpensive creation and ultra easy to do as evidenced by this tutorial made by my latest fads.And the advantage of home-made is that you can choose both the colors and patterns of the paper! It only remains to put you there …



3. Mini storage boxes

DIY mini storage boxes
Notice to the nostalgic: these mini origami boxes offer a return to childhood. And for good reason, they tenderly remind us of the paper casseroles of the playground! But this time, the paper is folded to form a box. You can store cables, jewelry or your office accessories. Vary shapes and colors and set them up proudly on your desk or shelf.
The trick to remember? These little boxes are perfect as gift wrappers. And because they are super easy to manufacture, you have no excuse to put you there! Find the DIY on Sostrene Grene.



4. Bestiary sculptures

Animal sculpture under bell
Delicately folded by hand, these sculptures of paper animals, signed Florigami, are highlighted under bell. To be placed on a coffee table, a shelf, a bookcase or even in the children’s room, these pretty creations illuminate a room with poetry. From penguins to wolves to parrots, the most beautiful wild animals are thus naturalized under glass. Result? The delicacy and subtlety offered by the origami technique are, more than ever, highlighted and we love it!



5. A mobile for baby

DIY mobile baby origami
Because it is a fun and creative activity, origami naturally finds its place in a child’s room. And what better than a mobile to promote his imagination from an early age? This creation of the blog Tiny Paw is the perfect example.Made from wooden branches, the mobile invites birds – not like the others – to fly. In fact, it is Japanese traditional cranes. But you can also make origami swallow, airplane, elephant … It’s up to you to choose the universe that will crack your little one!



6. A vase in three dimensions

Cache pot effect origami
Victim of its success, origami has gone beyond the borders of paper folding and now inspires many designers. And if the technique is not the same, the effect is the same. On these pretty flowerpots, for example, we find the particularity of origami with geometric patterns. Even if it is not a folding but rather a 3D printing, the result gives the same illusion and mimics the fragility of origami with perfection. The difference is that it is not a paper pot holder but a wooden one! What to enjoy origami in a sustainable way …



7.Printed on poster

Origami hummingbird poster
As we have just seen with 3D printing, origami comes in many forms. Here, it loses in volume but does not lose less in style! Indeed, origami even invests frames and gives a new perspective to the walls. We have set our sights on the creations of artists Lena and Felix Beyerbach. Their trademark? Play with lines and perspectives and reinvent origami on paper. We find mainly animals like this poster and its adorable hummingbird with vitamin colors. Anyway, we imagine it as much in a child’s room as in a living room or an office!



8. A light garland

Origami light garland
Origami is even where you do not expect it! After the shades, it comes in light garland.And the advantage is that you can easily create it yourself. All you need is an LED garland and customize it with origami. You can create mini shades (for each led) in the form of flowers, rosettes, stars … If you are beginners, you can start with simple cubes. To get started, we advise you to follow the DIY of Shake my blog. In any case, your home made light string will make a sensation at the top of a mirror at the entrance, on a shelf in the living room or at the headboard in the bedroom.