Warm colors, raw materials, ethnic motifs … And if Africa was invited in the decor of your living room? Discover an inspired and inspiring selection to bring a touch of exoticism to your home!
3 seater granita sofa
To bring the African style into the living room, start by choosing the big furniture in soft colors like this pretty light gray sofa. You will then be free to play the contrasts of colors and ethnic motifs in the decoration.
Kesia cushion cover
Ideal for dressing up a sofa in neutral tones, this cushion cover revisits the traditional African motifs with a lot of richness. We are crazy about its living print that will immediately give an exotic touch to the room.
Set of 2 nesting tables
Here are two nesting tables that invite to travel! You will be charmed by their craftsmanship, in addition to the motifs of their wooden tray inspired by African art. They give an ethnic touch to the living room with subtlety.
Terra Cup
You could not go without this cup handmade from an African herb, the white lutindzi. In addition to its finely plaited tower, this beautiful ethnic object has a terracotta base that makes it resistant.
Rattan suspension
Rattan always brings a touch of exoticism when it is brought into the house. This delicate suspension seduces at first glance. Called Satélise, it was imagined by Elise Fouin who has the art of inserting a lot of poetry into her creations.
Roman rattan armchair
A chair named desire? With its rounded shape, we immediately think of the armchair Pomaré, renamed Emmanuelle in the 70s. It is just as romantic Romeo, model rattan velvet touch. And we love the sense of escape it provides.
Africa map poster
Passionate about Africa or curious to discover the continent? This beautifully colored card is for you. We revisit his geography while choosing his next destination. What more can you ask for than an interior that invites you to travel?
African Wall Statue
Adopting this polished aluminum sculpture brings the savannah into the living room! Like a trophy, it will dress your wall with elegance for a beautiful and exotic effect.We love its modern design and easy maintenance.
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