There are 5 natural tips, effective and cheap to unclog a sink or sink: with hot water, with baking soda mixed with vinegar, with a ferret homemade, with a suction cup or with a garden hose under pressure.

Our tips

– Bet on hot water … even boiling
– Use the duo baking soda and vinegar
– Make yourself a ferret
– Use a suction cup
– Feel with a garden hose

1. Bet on hot water … even boiling

This basic method is often forgotten. And yet, it is probably the fastest and most effective if you have a slightly clogged sink. So boil 1 liter of water in a saucepan or kettle and pour directly into the drain hole of your sink, or your sink. The boiling water will help the stagnant elements to evacuate and dissolve.Simple as hello!



2. Use duo baking soda and vinegar

This combination of products, worthy of the best recipes of grandmothers has proven more than once! First of all, start by draining the stagnant water and then, in a container, mix 200g of baking soda and 20cl of white household vinegar. Small tip in addition: add 200g coarse salt. Then pour your natural mixture into your clogged sink or sink and let it work for 30 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, pour 1 liter of boiling water. This potion will lather and quickly dissolve all residues and accumulated fat.



3. Make a ferret

Note to DIYers: this tip is for you! Transform in no time a conventional iron laundry hanger into a ferret ready to unclog your sink.Twist it to get a long handle with a hook end. Thanks to this homemade ferret you can enter the blocked pipe and reach the cork if it has not formed too far.
Good to know: this trick is not suitable for PVC pipes that could be damaged.



4. Use a suction cup

The sucker is a classic method often relegated to oblivion. With a suction cup, you will need a little elbow grease to open your sink, of course, but the problem will be solved once and for all. The idea is to operate it on the drain grid, or on the drain hole, of your sink or sink, to pump the residues that obstruct the pipe. Once raised to the surface, collect these to throw in the trash.



5.Feel with a garden hose

Without doubt the most unknown, the method of the garden hose is particularly effective. Only necessary condition: have a pipe connected nearby. How to proceed ? Push your garden hose into the drain of your clogged sink and flush the water back and forth with the hose. The idea is that the pressure of the water destroys the cork little by little. Remember to fill the overflow with a cloth to maximize the effectiveness of this method.