Who says white walls says bare walls and feeling of emptiness. Want to add the little touch it lacks to your home to really feel at home? The writing blows you 5 ideas to decorate your walls without investing in a masterpiece.


Our good ideas:

– Decorate a wall with color and patterns
– Frames, images, photos and mirrors are typing the poster
– How to decorate a wall with objects?
– Of all the subjects, it is the wall she prefers
– Some unusual ideas to decorate a wall



1. Decorate a wall with color and patterns

A wall whiter than white can take the decor of your home … right in the wall! To break with the monotony of the white walls clinical and monochrome version, it is sometimes enough some keys of colors and / or some grounds … You can, with the choice:
Decorate a wall (or a piece of wall) with wallpaper.
Dare graphic, geometric, herringbone and / or floral patterns.
Make a wall decoration with masking tape.
Paint a wall and / or a piece of wall.
Embellish your wall of stickers.



2. Frames, Images, Photos and Mirrors Hit the Poster

Frames, images, photos and mirrors are ideal for decorating your white wall! Advantage: There are 1000 ways to expose them. Proof to support with these few ideas of wall decoration:
Make a wall of frames: for a graphic rendering very noticed.
Create a DIY suspension with polaroids, a vintage geography map and / or fabric.
Bet on an abstract and colorful canvas to decorate the wall above the sofa or dinner table.
Decorate your wall with a photo tablet (s).Advantage: you can change the wall decoration … as a shirt!
Suspend your favorite images and / or family photos to a thread: simple, effective and economical.
Make a jumble of mirrors by matching mirrors of different sizes and shapes.



3. How to decorate a wall with objects?

Playing on materials instantly gives material to the decoration of your wall. Brick, wood, stone or molding … Of all the materials, which is your favorite wall?
Concrete wall deco: concrete cladding panels the wall of a concrete effect crude pile hair in the air of time.
Decorate your stone wall: the wall facing stones decorate the walls with a nice mineral and rustic touch. We love their natural and warm texture.
Dressing up the brick wall: the facing bricks beautifully enhance the interiors with industrial deco (red bricks) and contemporary (white bricks).
Opting for a wooden siding brings the extra nature to your wall decoration. Spirit cabin, cottage, seaside, workshop or family home: it is you who choose …
Magnify its walls thanks to the moldings: To you the elegance way Haussmannian apartment.



4. Of all the subjects, this is the wall she prefers

Objects shave walls … with style and singularity. You can expose your favorite object or play, on the contrary, on the accumulation of the same object. Some ideas of objects to hang on to decorate your wall:
Braided Berber baskets and ethnic baskets stand on the walls like the new decorating trend.
A macramé or wool wall weave reveals the interiors with bohemian accents.
Wooden crates diverted into shelves offer a new perspective when hung on the wall.
Straw hats: Raw or pimped, straw hats add the upcycling touch to the decor of the walls.
Musical instruments: An original way to put forward a piece of wall.
A wall shelf: The good idea to rhyme decorative and practical.



5. Some unusual ideas to decorate a wall

Want wall decorating ideas to get out of the frame? Draw in our inspirations and let your creativity express itself …
Betting on frames and nothing but frames: The frames exposed without photos and support decorate the wall decor with an unusual touch very noticed.
Hanging a carpet on the wall: The best way to avoid getting caught “in the carpet” …
Bet on slate and / or magnetic paint: Notice to nostalgic blackboard school!
Dare unusual objects to decorate your wall: oars, surfboards, bicycles and / or animal trophies make you see green and not “walls” …
Write on the walls the names of those you love … via neon quotes, vintage metal letters and / or DIY words to knit.
Last tip to decorate your wall: Do not forget the light!