ince we can not push the walls of his small living room, his studette XXS and his mini room to live, let’s play smart! Hackers of small spaces: we take stock of ideas, tips and tricks to decorate a small lounge … which has nothing to envy to the greatest.


Our tips:

– The art of epure to decorate a small salon
– A small living room: small furniture … compact and smart!
– How to decorate a small living room with color?
– Light on the lights to decorate a small living room
– Small salons: the careful selection of accessories



1. The art of the epure to decorate a small salon

To organize a salon XXS begins with some simple precepts inspired by the art of minimalism (and an ounce of good taste and organization):
Have a light touch on the decoration: exit the bulky furniture, the futile accessories, the useless frills, the overflow of shelves, frames and other collections of objects worthy of a museum.To decorate a small living room, the first rule of thumb is not to have a heavy hand on the decoration.
Put everything in its place: doing buddy-buddy with order and storage is a great rule of thumb for visually expanding a small living room.



2. A small salon: small furniture … compact and smart!

This panoramic 7 seater sofa is an eye catcher? Do not even think about it! Your XXS salon could die muffled … under the weight of its XXL bench. Depending on your (lack of) space, you will opt instead for small furniture light, compact, ergonomic, smart and aesthetic to optimize your small living room. In the rank of furniture “friend” reduced surfaces:
Nesting tables: advantage, they take less space than a traditional coffee table and turn into a bedside table once the convertible sofa unfolded.
The two-in-one furniture: ottoman with integrated storage, sofa-bed and trash coffee tables (or chest) are the allies of small tidy and nicely decorated lounges.
Small furniture on wheels: nomadic, light, trendy and easy to move, small furniture with wheels pimp the decor of small living rooms without cluttering the space.



3. How to decorate a small living room with color?

The color scheme is a very effective style exercise to decorate a small living room. As long as you have mastered the subtleties …
The light and bright colors you will promote: Use and abuse light and bright colors in your small living room. They have the art (and the air) to enlarge the space.
The color by small keys you will bring: If the white, the beige, the pastels and the shades of gray carry handily the game of the colors, nothing prevents you to bring frank colors by little touches. Beautiful effect of contrast and dynamism to the key.
For the mix you will vote: The association of colors, fabrics and prints is highly recommended to decorate a small living room. Provided of course not to fall into the chromatic overbid. To be in the know, elect a dominant color and two to three secondary colors.



4. Light on the lights to decorate a small living room

decoration-small -space-space
When the square meters are counted in the living room, we do not hesitate to push the walls … playing on the lights that have the power to visually enlarge small spaces.
Multiply the luminous halos: Suspensions, sconces, table lamps and bulky lamps enlarge and structure the space.Your small living room instantly gains a few extra square meters.
Bet on lighting fixtures: The fixtures are with the sofa and the coffee table the centerpieces of the living room (small or large). Hence the importance of choosing them well to carve a living room decoration to your image.



5. Small salon: The careful choice of accessories

The advantage of small lounges is that with a minimum of imagination they can be transformed into a cocoon of cozy and cozy decoration. Because every square meter is precious, the choice of accessories must be as thorough as possible. To accentuate the cocoon effect, nothing like:
Natural materials: Think of light wood, linen, rattan, sandstone, bamboo, wicker, porcelain … In short all these materials that let the eye.
Small mirror (s): Small, well-placed decorative mirrors suggest a cozy and warm atmosphere.
Frame (s): To suspend or to put on a piece of furniture and / or a shelf to accessorize without cluttering.
Green plants … and the small salon immediately breathes better!
Hanging decoration: Dream catcher, decorative baskets, photo holders and macramé plant hangers create a charming little living room.
With these 5 space saving tips, your small living room will no longer suffer from lack of space …