Redecorate your entry with this selection of decorative accessories! On the program: soft colors and a nice mix of industrial and vintage objects for a design atmosphere and a warm atmosphere!
Industrial black glass mirror 90x120cm
In a neat entrance, a mirror is always beautiful. This black industrial style will bring a sophisticated touch. Up to 1m20, you can either fix it on an empty wall at the height of the bust, or put it on a console, to visually enlarge the height under ceiling.
Clothes console in white lazuré wood
Can not imagine a neat and tidy entrance without a console to hide keys and accessories.This model lazure white wood is ideal for a small entry a little dark: its light color will bring light and vitality!
Natural jute hand-woven rug of 150cm diameter
Very trendy, this round carpet rounds the angles of your entry while giving an impression of fluidity and space. Hand woven in jute, it has a natural look, ideal for the spring and summer season.
Basket with handle and closure
Holiday atmosphere in Provence assured with this wicker basket with leather details. Its handles will allow you to hang it at the front door or directly on a coat rack. You can then slip scarves, sunglasses and other small items to remember before leaving the house.
Table lamp in gold metal
This table lamp is a golden set to set the tone at the entrance. On the program: a design and contemporary look, sophisticated but accessible. Everything we love. Install it on a console or dresser for subdued and delicate lighting.
Iron and wooden basket with wheels
Storage side, a neat entry can not do without basket. Demonstration with this iron and wooden basket with wheels that moves at will. This model can accommodate shoes, bags, umbrellas and all other objects that would tend to hang out.
Transparent glass conical vase
Notice to florists and lovers of flowers: this transparent vase, 23 cm high is likely to make you talk.Its conical shape, very contemporary, can easily accommodate high flowers and branches, for a neat entrance.
Scented Candle with Lemongrass
Embalm the guests at the entrance of your home with this candle with the delicate scent of lemongrass. Its XXL format interferes gently on the console and its fragrance last a long time. Freshness and delicacy at the rendezvous.
All the candles for your entry are here.