The credence is indispensable in a kitchen: not only does it protect your walls from splashes of grease and water, but it is a true deco asset! How to clean a credenza in stainless steel, tiled, aluminum or glass? We give you all our household tips!



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1. Silver stone for stainless steel credenza

Traces of fingers and fat are the number one enemy of stainless steel! For a stainless steel credenza, remember to clean as soon as you spot a stain. Several solutions:
the silver stone, very effective
a few drops of olive oil on a cloth
soapy water on a sponge
a teaspoon of baking soda diluted in a bowl of hot water
Rinse well and wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.To protect your stainless steel, a layer of beeswax finely applied will make a good dam against dirt.



2. Clean aluminum credenza

Like any metal surface, your aluminum splashback requires daily maintenance. To wash it, several possibilities:
soapy water for small spots,
the glass product,
water with a little lemon juice,
baking soda, dissolved in hot water, for black spots,
white vinegar, if possible warm, with a little salt will be perfect for limestone stains.



3. Washing a glass credenza

Credenza glass, even lacquered and glossy, are easy to clean! You can use a simple micro-fiber cloth, a little water and you’re done. A few drops of detergent may be added but it is not obligatory.Dry, it will also remove dust.
Second option: the clay stone! Natural, it has very effective properties of degreasing. Soak in a soft, damp sponge and rub in small circular motions to unclog dirt.
Finally, as always in household, the white vinegar will do wonders for the rebel traces.



4. For a tiling credence

The tiling is very practical in credence, and today we find very design models (cement tiles, concrete or slate) or easy to install (adhesive tiles …).
The tiled splashback, however, does not escape grease and cooking projections. To clean it effectively, dilute soap in water and add a little ammonia.Laundry and black soap are also very good alternatives! Finally, it is often the joints that get dirty the quickest: remember to clean them too!



5. Clean a laminated splashback

Some credenzas look like stainless steel but are actually laminated laminated credenzas.
Soapy water is sometimes not enough for their daily cleaning. To get rid of grease stains on a laminate, you can use a glass product or baking soda. A little hot water, baking soda and you get a paste that you apply. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse well with a damp cloth.
Avoid abrasive products, however, as you may scratch your credenza!