Carpet maintenance is not that difficult! A few cheap products and a little elbow grease will keep it intact for many years. For immaculate carpet, follow our advice!



– Regular maintenance of your carpet
– Clean your carpet without spending too much
– Deep cleaning of your carpet
– Eliminate mites from your carpet
– Protect your carpet permanently



1. Regular maintenance of your carpet

The longevity of a carpet depends on its maintenance. To limit the accumulation of dust and other hair that lodge in the frame of the carpet, you must strain to vacuum once or twice a week. Once this is done, pick up the items that would have escaped the head of the vacuum cleaner by hand. This regular maintenance can seem tedious, but it is essential to keep your carpet in a satisfactory condition.




2. Clean your carpet without spending too much

To eliminate the traces that stain your carpet, no need to invest in expensive products! We recommend:
Laundry for wool : dilute a laundry cap in a bucket of water and shampoo your carpet vigorously. Finish by rinsing thoroughly.
Soda crystals : they are used diluted in water and at most once a year.
Marseille soap : rub stubborn stains with a block of Marseille soap soaked in water. Guaranteed result!




3. Thorough cleaning of your carpet

If your carpet has not been maintained for a long time, it may be necessary to perform a thorough cleaning.To do this, rent a steam cleaner in a specialized store and pass it over the entire surface of the carpet. Under the effect of the heat, the old and very encrusted traces disappear as if by magic. The rental is certainly a bit expensive, but the final result amply justifies this investment!



4. Eliminate the mites of your carpet

bicarbonate-soda-cleanse- carpet
Although they are invisible to the naked eye, dust mites are none the less present in your carpet. In people who are sensitive to it, they can cause very unpleasant allergic reactions. To eliminate them:
Dilute a cup of baking soda in a quart of hot water.
Rub your carpet with a mop impregnated with diluted bicarbonate.
Let the product work for 1 to 3 hours.
Rinse thoroughly.
The mites will not resist this shock treatment!



5. Protect your carpet for a long time

Cleaning your carpet is good, protecting it is better! For this, you will apply a waterproofing product, which will settle on the frame of your carpet as a protective film. Colorless and odorless, it will limit the penetration of liquids in the heart of the fibers. Another useful tip: if you regularly move chairs on your carpet, provide them with foam pads. You will avoid the signs of wear caused by the feet of chairs! Clever, is not it?