Exposed to bad weather and sunlight, your wooden deck should be cleaned regularly. Which products to use? Do all species of wood treat each other in the same way? Zoom on the thousand and one ways to clean your wooden deck …



– When to clean your wooden deck?
– Economic cleaning of your wooden terrace
– An ecological cleaning product for wood
– Clean the space between the wooden boards
– Protect your wooden deck



1. When to clean your wooden deck?

The frequency of cleaning your wooden deck depends on the weather conditions to which it is exposed. For example, a hot, humid climate will tend to attack wood more than dry, cold weather. The right rhythm? Monthly cleaning, all year long! You will avoid the appearance of mosses, which colonize the wood when it is not cleaned regularly.



2. Economic cleaning of your wooden terrace

Several products allow you to clean your wooden terrace at a lower cost:
Black soap: Recommended for cleaning terraces and teak furniture, it is used diluted in hot water. Guaranteed result!
Laundry powder: It is suitable for light wood species and is also used diluted in hot water.
Soda crystals: They are very effective against rebel traces. As a precaution, it is recommended to start with a test on a small surface.



3. An ecological cleaning product for wood

Many ecological products can now be found on the market, allowing the cleaning of a wooden terrace, while preserving the environment:
Renovators-wood: Without silicone or dye, they give the wood of your terrace its lustrous aspect of origin.
Wood-burners: Used to restore wood to its original natural color, they work wonders!
Degreasers: Often based on essential oil, they remove the greasy film that is deposited on the wooden blades.



4. Clean the space between the wooden boards

step-clean -tower-blade-wood
To keep your terrace in good condition for a long time, it is not enough to clean the wooden boards themselves. The space between these blades must also be the subject of all your attention! Indeed, it is in these interstices that lodge bacteria and other fungi that colonize the wood. To dislodge them, take a metal squeegee and thoroughly clean the space between the blades. Then spray a long-lasting fungicide product. Your terrace will thank you!



5.Protect your wooden terrace

All the owners of wooden decks will tell you: cleaning is good, protecting is better! The ideal is to use a saturator for wood, which will cover the boards of your terrace with a water repellent waterproofing film. Thus protected and regenerated in depth, the wood will resist more to climatic aggressions. Last tip: to limit unsightly scratches, equip your table legs and chairs with protective pads. Clever, is not it?