Toothpaste stains at the bottom of the sink, hair strayed in the shower tray, towels stranded on the tiles … This is not the scenario of a horror film but rather that of a bathroom that has Seriously need to be cleaned. Rest assured, the mission is far from impossible. Here’s how to clean a bathroom in no time!


The 5 steps

– Decluttering and storing
– Clean shower or bath
– Clean the washbasin
– Shine mirrors and windows
– Clean the ground



1. Decluttering and Storing

Before unhooking the armada of household products, start by tidying up and uncluttering the bathroom. It’s crazy all you can put in such a small room! Towels from floor to ceiling, dirty clothes scattered, endless beauty products … Arm yourself with courage and try to organize the space: the dirty laundry must go in the baskets provided for this purpose, all cosmetics do not need to sit on the shelf and towels are much better hanging on pegs.We already see it more clearly, no?



2. Clean the shower or the bathtub

Who says bathroom, says bath. Shower or bath, you will not cut to a regular cleaning to remove traces of limestone. Remember to give a shot from time to time on the tiles, emphasizing the joints. Who would want to wash in a bathroom with dubious joints? Whether you use natural or chemical products, be sure to use a sponge and a mild cleanser to avoid damaging the faience enamel or scratching the faucet.



3. Cleaning the washbasin

When you see only the traces of toothpaste in the bathroom sink, it is often a sign that you have to clean it up urgently. With a sponge and a mild cleanser, clean the basin and faucet.If you are a fan of natural products, know that white vinegar works miracles in the traces of limestone! To make the faucet shine, dry after cleaning with a dry cloth. And do not forget to clean the toothbrush glass and soap dish!



4. Shining mirrors and windows

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To properly clean your bathroom, do things in order. Start with the furniture and fittings and finish with the mirror and the shower wall. Otherwise, splashing product and water during rinsing will force you to clean everything up again! To obtain a mirror (or glass) impeccable and shining with a thousand lights, you can use a microfiber soaked in water and vinegar, and a squeegee shower.What matters is to dry the surface completely with elbow grease!



5. Clean the floor

The final touch of cleaning the bathroom is simply to brick the floor. Because the bright taps and sparkling tiles are good, but a clean and clean floor is even better! Be sure to carefully vacuum all nooks to remove any trace of hair or hair. Then mop with black soap and water so you can walk barefoot without fear. Finish by lighting your favorite candle, and to you the bathroom worthy of a spa!