Living in a long living room can be complex. By making the right choices of layout, furniture and decoration, the restrictive configuration of the room can reveal the contrary real assets. Discover how in 5 unstoppable tips.


Our tips:

– Choosing the right floor
– Adapt the furniture
– Create different spaces
– Treat colors
– Rhythm the decor



1. Choosing an adequate floor

Soil can play a big role in a long room. Patterned floors or short slabs are avoided as they may shrink the room. Instead, we prefer parquet with long blades, oriented widthwise, or polished concrete and other floors united in PVC that have the merit of being neutral. It is also advisable to choose shades always darker than those of the walls to help enlarge the room visually.
furniture-living room-length-sofa



2. Adapt the furniture

A long piece has a fairly strict geometrical shape that you can get rid of with a choice of furniture with varied but discrete shapes. Starting with the sofa: placed along the wall, it must be straight and not imposing. Then a simple chair that will face him or will be placed aside, and preferably without armrests, to win even a few centimeters. For the coffee table, choose it rather rounded than square or rectangular.



3. Create different spaces

It would be a shame, if the volume in length allows, to reduce the room to its only function of living room with its sofa and its armchairs. To make it more visually impressive, challenge yourself to add other living spaces, such as a play area for children around a rug, a dining area for small dinners with a pull-out table , or a corner office as needed.This defined living area will have the advantage of giving rhythm to the living room.



4. Healing colors

furniture-living room-length-mirrors
As in all other rooms of the house, the light colors enlarge a room visually, it is well known. It is therefore recommended to apply the rule in a rather narrow living room to open the space. Nothing prevents giving rhythm by daring a piece of wall in a more sliced ??or even dark color, to liven up the room and warm it up.



5. Rhythm decoration

The decoration of the room is also important to limit the effect of length or narrowness.For example, you can hang frames and mirrors of different shapes on the wall, put a carpet on the floor, add plaids and cushions, etc. to the sofa and the armchair. The show will appear less narrow and will be more warm. But do not overdo it too, to avoid the clutter effect!