An unmistakable charm for the nature style that showcases the natural fibers and materials in decoration. We opt for a subtle and aesthetic mix of braided textiles, wood essences and an industrial touch to play on the nuances and textures to bring rhythm, softness and modernity to the four corners of the house.
Round mirror and wooden shelf
Aesthetic and clever, the rounded oak mirror is adorned with a tablet to become an ally of the decor. It is used in an entrance, in the bathroom or in multiple versions to increase its charm and dress a piece of wall a little too discreet. Useful to put trinket or smartphone, it has a soft look to offer a bit of roundness to our interior.
Rounded wooden and rood stool
Cocooning wish, the stool and wood rushes us! A simple and effective association that embellishes spaces in a poetic way.Whether one is rather seaside or mountain, we fall for this seat easy to integrate into the decor of our interior.
Braided rattan chairs and black metal
We appreciate both the comfort of the curves of these woven rattan chairs and the metal lines of his feet for a 100% contemporary rendering. To decorate a dining table or dress up the bedroom, this set of chairs promises to shake up the decor brilliantly!
Rounded rattan armchair and metal feet
A touch of exoticism with this rounded chair that celebrates rattan. With its metallic base to play the card of the duel between natural fiber and industrial material, it has all good! A cozy design to adopt in the garden and indoors!
Touch of pink and natural material for this square rug exotic style.We appreciate its ease of maintenance and its bohemian look that sublimate the spaces in the blink of an eye. Entrance, bedroom or cozy corner, it arises here and there in your interior to bring a zen touch.
Storage bag for burlap bows
To divert without moderation to slip magazines, toys or linens, this storage bag designed for your logs will be converted to the slightest opportunity! In natural burlap, this unique bag brings a touch of authenticity to your interior.
Rectangular digital clock made of bamboo wood
Association of technology and natural material for this digital bamboo clock. Perfect bedside table accessory, it offers a touch of softness with its caramel color essence in a clean and contemporary design.
Rounded round table in raw concrete
Notice to lovers of the mix and match of materials, the coffee table is offered here a concrete coating to direct the decoration towards an industrial spirit. To marry with wood, natural fabrics or colorful atmospheres – whatever, this piece of furniture fits all styles with ease to sublimate the decorative objects.
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