We choose her first and foremost for the space she earns. The open kitchen is also very popular for its friendliness as it is central to all the animation of the house. Creating it can not be improvised. What rules of furnishing and furniture, what deco tips? Follow the guide!


Our advice:

– Before you start
– Choosing a central piece of furniture
– Adapt the flooring
– Invest in the right appliance
– Invest in the decoration



1. Before you go

Choosing an open kitchen is a real bias. Very trendy to open the space, to gain brightness and conviviality, it is not made for everyone. If you think that what’s going on in the kitchen should stay there, or if you’re really sensitive to noise or cooking odors, go your way. For others, the open kitchen offers many benefits, provided you think of its layout.



2. Choosing a central piece of furniture

Depending on the space available to you, you can choose which layout you prefer. For example, you can create an open kitchen with a bar around which to install pretty stools: it is a good compromise for small spaces to have a small dining area. But you can also choose to organize the kitchen around a central island, even more user-friendly when the volume of the room allows it. This option where preparation, meals and relaxation are as one allows the cooks not to lose a crumb of conversations in the living room and encourages the guests to get their hands dirty! Another choice, the canopy, an in-between to stop odors while letting in light.



3. Adapting the flooring

The choice of the floor is also decisive depending on whether you want to clearly delimit the kitchen space or on the contrary to register in the continuity of the living room. In any case, he must respect a harmony between the two spaces. If you opt for tiles, pay attention to what he does not swear with the floor of the living room, by its color, patterns and texture. Or opt for a unique floor covering for the entire room, making sure to choose a suitable finish for kitchen projections, such as varnished parquet or resin flooring.



4. Invest in the right appliance

open-kitchen-kitchen-island -central
The space is open, all the equipment of a kitchen can be exposed to the sight of everyone.It is necessary to be clever and organized so that the space remains pleasant, behind the work plan as in the living room. Starting with the hood, essential for cooking odors. Choose discreetly, in size as in sound volume, or monumental and design, provided it is effective! For all other appliances and utensils, always plan to store them, both in the bar and in the center island.



5. Invest in the decor

Who says open kitchen says room to live, where it is good to exchange and relax beyond the mere fact of meals. To be warm, in the continuity of the show, we do not hesitate to bring real decorative touches. For example, fixtures, above the worktop or with a nice floor lamp, decorative objects such as vintage jars or storage boxes, but also plants to make the space even more welcoming.