Aesthetics but sometimes fragile, the wood delivers its charm in our interior – to us to return the favor during its cleaning. For that nothing complicated, provided you have the right tools at hand! Console, table or tray, your rags to maintain all this beautiful world in the blink of an eye.



– 4 mistakes to avoid
– Proper cleaning
– Resistant stains
– Clean the carved wood
– Wood protection



1. The 4 mistakes to avoid

Whatever the essence wood is a natural material, it is important to take care of it as we would with our skin. We avoid:
Pour cleaners directly onto the wood. Wood absorbs liquids, especially when not varnished. Promote spraying on a fabric to prevent new spots.
To rub the wood “in all directions”, which damages the appearance of the latter and creates micro-cracks.Be sure to clean it in the direction of the wood grain.
Abrasive tools, such as the scraping side of a sponge or fluffy fabrics. One removes the protective layer of varnish or oil, while the other leaves residue on the wood. Prefer microfiber cloths to avoid marks and polish the surface smoothly.
Chemicals, which become sticky and dirty the wood instead of cleaning it.



2. Proper cleaning

For daily maintenance, you need:
– A vacuum cleaner
– A microfiber cloth
– White vinegar
– Olive oil
– A lid container
Pour a dose of white vinegar for three doses of olive oil in a container (a jar of jam for example), before shaking everything.Feel free to fill the jar, so you can keep your recipe for reuse as needed. Once the furniture is completely dusted with the vacuum cleaner, apply the potion with the cloth. Inexpensive, the combination of white vinegar and olive oil disinfects, eliminates stains and feeds wood! A three in one ecological and efficient.



3. Resistant stains

Each stain has its solution to find a piece of furniture like new!
Wine or greasy liquid: wipe immediately with a clean cloth before sprinkling with flour or talc to absorb the excess fluid.
A yellowed appearance: tobacco or simple aging of the varnish, the yellowing is fought with a few drops of turpentine. Poured on a cloth, they give a natural glow and color to the wood.
Ink: Pour powdered sodium bicarbonate onto the stained area and then rub with a cork. Associated with the bicarbonate, it absorbs and makes disappear the ink like magic!
wood furniture -decoration-clean-tip
Turned or carved wood, we maintain these singular areas with:
– A vacuum cleaner
– Olive oil
– Turpentine essence
– A brush
– A soft cloth
Dust to the maximum with the fine tip of a vacuum cleaner before removing residues that cling with a clean cloth. Then mix a few drops of turpentine with a base of olive oil. This magic potion is applied to the brush in every nook and cranny to remove dirt and stains. Finally, we wipe everything with a soft cloth and you’re done!



5. Wood protection

For long-lasting durability, wood must be protected regardless of its type.In order to obtain a fast and durable result we recommend:
Carnauba wax milk. It is 100% natural and ideal for polishing and protecting a furniture in waxed wood.
The emulsion of oils. Colorless and matte, it is suitable for all species of indoor wood. Without changing the color of the furniture, it protects against stains and water.