The stainless steel hood is prone to many splashes and stains during your cooking. For an easy and effective cleaning, we put everything on the recipes of grandmothers to consume without moderation!


Our advice:

– The right products for stainless steel
– Products to avoid for stainless steel
– Cleaning the stainless steel hood
– Shine the stainless steel



The right tools for stainless steel

To take care of your stainless steel hood, we use the right products and accessories to offer a qua-li-té cleaning! Note however that each product must be used according to a specific recipe to avoid damaging the stainless steel – most will be diluted with water. Our allies are:
the microfiber cloth
Meudon white or baking soda
white vinegar



2.Products to avoid for stainless steel

Aesthetics but fragile, stainless steel does not marry all household products when it comes to pamper appearance. We take stock with you on the bad associations:
The abrasive sponge, it causes scratches very easily.
Powdered products or crystals that will also scratch the surface of the stainless steel if they are used as they are.
Acidic liquids such as pure white vinegar: they are too aggressive for this material and will leave important traces in addition to attacking the surface.



3. Cleaning the stainless steel hood

The magic recipe:
Boil a pot of water before pouring a few tablespoons of baking soda (the Meudon white also works very well).
Clean the stainless steel with this mixture with a soft sponge.
Then proceed without waiting for a microfiber cloth. It allows to dry the surface but also to avoid the appearance of traces on the hood.
For stubborn stains, soak the cloth with warm water and a touch of white vinegar (not to use pure).
Lastly, wipe the microfiber cloth one last time.



4. Shine stainless steel

maintenance-hood-stainless steel
The particularity of stainless steel is its brilliant appearance, a result of the most beautiful effect sometimes tainted by weather or dirt. To regain its coveted shine nothing complicated, it is armed with a bottle of sparkling mineral water and clay stone.
Fill the equivalent of a bowl with the carbonated water by adding two tablespoons of clay stone.
With a microfiber cloth, spread the mixture over the entire surface of the hood in circular motions.
To “rinse”, simply pass another shot of microfiber cloth, dry this time.