Cap on the summer season with a panel of yellow decorative objects to boost its interior! Color of the sun and vitality, this punchy pigment adapts itself under all the seams to invigorate the spaces at a glance with its soft or very intense shades, to consume without moderation.
Acid yellow metal storage basket
What’s more natural than storing citrus in a lemon-colored basket! We love this retro accessory that gives the kitchen sparkle and industrial look with finesse. Suspended to save space or put on surfaces, it will sparkle the key room of the house.
Bicolour pouf made of hand-woven jute
We decorate the living room with a natural seat to guide the decor to an exotic atmosphere.Hand braided jute and yellow touch for this rounded pouf that will boost the interior in all discretion for a jungle, bohemian or Scandinavian spirit.
Inner teal candle holder yellow
Concrete all roundness for this two-colored candle. An elegant duo between raw material and greedy color for a bright and generous accessory. It is installed indoors or outdoors to illuminate spaces with modernity.
Yellow lemon industrial desk lamp
Cap on a sparkling decor with the yellow desk lamp way architect lighting. The primary shade blends with wood to integrate into any decor, whether you are connected to an industrial or Scandinavian style it boosts furniture in no time.
Scandinavian style armchair in wood and yellow fabric
A cocooning atmosphere for this Scandinavian style armchair that combines comfort and aesthetics. It is installed in the bedroom for a touch of color or in the living room for a sparkling effect. The perfect ally for spaces in need of vitamin D!
Yellow cotton cushion with message
Alone or accompanied, the cushion slips everywhere to bring the touch of fantasy to the decor.Easy to associate, its greedy hue marries natural materials or industrial interiors. A bit of sun at home while waiting for the holiday season.
Fine sheers yellow chick
We against the gray sky with yellow curtains to bring heat and sun inside. Delicate and aerial, they gently diffuse natural light to illuminate the space in a subtle way.
The yellow selection continues here!