Restore color and warmth to your bathroom by inviting the exotic style into the bathroom! Ride in the tropics with bamboo, green, gilded accessories and tropical prints. Your journey starts now!
Soap dispenser in green marble and gold metal

We take care of every detail with this trendy green marble soap dispenser. And that’s without counting on its elegant gold metal finishes! An exotic taste very, very … chic.
5 tiered bamboo shelves
Flagship material in the tropics: bamboo! It resists moisture and will easily fit into your bathroom.Demonstration with this 5-storey shelf that will host bath towels, beauty products and exotic plants.
Golden sun mirror 50 cm
Bring the tropical sun into your bathroom with this golden sun-shaped mirror, 50 cm in diameter. Bright and retro, it will bring style and elegance to the room. Some matching accessories will enhance it even more!
Blue bath towel 100x150 cm
Who says bathroom, says bath towel. And thick, please. Even if you want to be comfortable, you can choose large fluffy towels. Special mention for this model with the blue color that plunges us to the bottom of the oceans.
Bamboo laundry basket with bag
A tropical bathroom could not do without bamboo, that you understood it well.This large family laundry basket answers the call, for our greatest happiness. It has a removable and washable basket that is very convenient!
California Surf 50x70 cm illustration poster
Who said that Art should be confined to the living room? Break the codes and invite this illustration to the Californian atmosphere in your bathroom. Goal ? Traveling without leaving your bathtub. Great luxury.
Divider wall with 3 white wood panels
In the tropics, the rooms are large and without partitions, so that the breeze can circulate and refresh the inhabitants. Get inspired by this tropical way of life with this white wooden screen to divide your large bathroom while letting the humid air circulate.
Canvas curtain with tropical print
Shelter from prying eyes in your neighborhood with this canvas curtain. Your neighbors will not see anything, but you will enjoy its tropical palm leaves. Summer atmosphere at the rendezvous, summer and winter!
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