Wood, wood, always wood! This is the material that has everything good, including on the walls. It is preferred by small touches or with a strong piece. Clock, trophy deer head or even world map, so many options that will give a true style to your interior. Here are 8 wooden objects to awaken your decor!
Wall frame 5 clamps
Do you want to hang your best photos in your living room or above your desk? Get off the beaten track and opt for an inspiring decorative object with this hugely-colored frame with a natural design and mandala designs.
Ribbonwood wooden clock
A wooden clock, yes, but provided it is design! With its wooden ribbons, this one is particularly original.In addition to giving you the time, it will bring a chic and warm side to the walls of your stay or your kitchen.
Double picture frame shaped house
Change the evergreen square or rectangular wooden frame and opt for this double frame in the shape of a house. You can put pictures or postcards with your favorite quotes, and regularly change the decor of your walls!
Wooden deer head trophy
In terms of wall decoration, the trophy deer head is a must. With this trophy in real wood, you make the choice of made in France and style! Do not hesitate to paint or dress it to bring your personal touch.
Jane Wicker Round Mirror
We never have too many mirrors at home.Let yourself be tempted by the option of the wicker mirror, a safe bet. Its rounded shapes combined with its wooden structure make it a warm and authentic object. Ideal for a bohemian or retro wall decor!
Frame 8 pictures
Why complicate life by buying multiple frames when you can buy one? This wooden multi-view frame will allow you to hang 8 photos on your wall, for a wall decoration of the most successful. We love the variety of shapes and the patina of wood!
Wood frame
To save space (including the walls), we never tire of decorating objects 2 in 1. This wooden memo is no exception to the rule since it is both office wall decoration, jumble and inspiring object with its funny quote!
World map on painted wood
Display a world map as a wall decoration, it’s THE good idea decor. Not only does it make a little difference, but it’s also a way to travel without moving! We love this laser cut model on wood painted with a real bias color.
Remember to mix the materials on your walls and find other decorating ideas here!