Do you want to change your decor without breaking your piggy bank? Know that the stickers are not reserved for children! Quote, imaginary decor or trompe-l’oeil, wall stickers offer more surprising decorative possibilities than others!
Birds frieze stickers
Bring a bit of poetry and delicacy to your decor with birds more real than life on their thread. We believe it! With this wall sticker, you can customize a wall, or furniture, including relief surfaces.
Quote sticker Love
Love, always love, we do not get tired! Do not be afraid to post it on the walls with this XXL sticker.A small word that says a lot and that will enhance a romantic or refined decor with the beautiful work of monochrome calligraphy.
Garden of Wonders Sticker
It’s up to you to choose the arrangement of these stickers to create your own garden of wonders! What to compose a wall decoration according to your tastes and the characteristics of the room, for a giant result in black and white, and especially very personal.
Set of 5 green cement tile stickers
What’s better than a wall tile like cement tiles to twister the decor of your kitchen or bathroom? Repositionable, this set consists of 5 sheets of tickets just waiting to deploy its shades of green in your interior!
Wall sticker I have a dream
If you find that your walls are very good like that, but you still want to change your decor, think about customizing your doors! Nothing like this sticker design original and inspiring to make the charm of a room.
Wall sticker child Ballons
Even if you want to brighten up your wall decoration, let’s go frankly! With these wall stickers representing 7 large colored balloons, you will not lack audacity. We bet that your children will not hesitate long before adopting them!
Set of 2 stone pattern stickers
You want to create a piece of warm stone wall in your living room but you fear that it does not go to the budget? Opt for wall stickers stickers with a stone pattern. The result will be bluffing!
Wall sticker white orchid
You have to solve it, you do not have a green thumb. However, nothing you like as much as the touches of greenery that punctuate your interior… High hearts, put this sticker on your walls and you will have orchids all year round!
Discover other wall decor ideas with our selection of stickers!