Nobody likes ironing, but since it has to be done, as much as it should! Ironing is not just about stripping clothes by the action of heat, it’s almost an art to do it fast and well. If you burn your clothes and are sometimes asked if you just got out of bed because of your creased shirt, it’s a safe bet that you do not do it fast or well. And that also means that it is high time to refer to the 8 tips that follow to become the king or queen of the ironing board.


Get out of the machine without waiting

To get back on your feet, you have to start by being in the best conditions to get started. This necessarily begins with a cloth that is not too crumpled. With regard to the folds formed, the material of the garment obviously plays a lot, but other factors come into play. Do not wait to expand your clothes because it is at this time that important folds are created.You must know how to use your starting program or delayed end in your washing machine so that you can be present when the cycle ends. We take out the laundry immediately and we extend!



Extend the laundry

Still damp, the laundry must already be processed in the straightening mode. For this, it must be shaken right out of the machine. This action removes the most superficial folds. It is then necessary to extend as much as possible, avoiding unfortunate folding. Shirts and T-shirts can be placed directly on the hanger to dry and you can also use hangers for trousers. Your ironing will be easier if you take the time to dry the laundry properly.



Having the right table

If owning a competition steam generator can help, this is not the only tool that can help you in this task. The ironing board is the most important material after your iron.If you feel the armature of the table when you go back, it’s not normal. Your table must be very stable, with a thick cover and a good work surface. This kind of table certainly costs more than basic ironing boards but it is well worth the cost, especially when using a steam plant.
ironing table-philips





It’s a grandmother’s instrument but it’s still working today. Kind of mini ironing board, it allows to iron the sleeves of shirt and dress more easily and without leaving folds. You are granted, the jeannette is especially useful when working on shirts but at this level, there is a real difference and a real comfort. Why deprive yourself of such equipment?




The right temperature

The heat generated by the iron strains your textiles and some materials support this treatment more or less well.To find out what temperature your iron should be for ironing, refer to the clothing label.
On the latter, you will find the symbol of an iron which has associated several points. The more points, the more resistant your garment is and therefore requires a hot iron to overcome its folds.
Without indications, you can nevertheless refer to basic temperatures. Iron at the lowest temperature (around 110 ° C) is recommended for acrylic, nylon or silk. At medium temperature (150 ° C), wool or mixed polyester can be ironed without fear. Finally the high temperature (200 ° C) is recommended for fabrics such as cotton or linen.



Have amplitude

On the technical side, taking control of the iron also has its secrets. For a more efficient ironing, it is better for example, spread your laundry over the entire length of the ironing board. This setting up makes it possible to iron with a large amplitude which facilitates the task.If you multiply small movements, including circular, you also multiply the risk of snagging and formation of additional folds.




Ironing upside down

If turning your clothes upside down takes time, it is still advisable to keep this good habit. Ironing upside down is the best way to preserve your clothes. This way of doing things prevents your fabric from being lustrous on the visible side, which can happen on some textiles. By force of ironing, the seams can also finish whitening which is less serious inside. Finally, if a limestone accident happens (the iron spits out the limestone by making a stain), you miss the catastrophe. On the other hand, ironing backwards does not mean that you do not need to maintain the sole of your iron.




Moisten difficult wrinkles

Even with modern, powerful equipment, some wrinkles may not yield under the steam. In this case, there is only one solution: it is necessary to moisten the garment again. A clean and wet cloth is then used and the area to be treated is buffered. You can then iron on the fold which will be much more obvious to control.