What’s more relaxing than shades and natural materials? Bring an ethnic touch to your room is THE good idea decor! Wicker headboard, wool cushion, patterned dresser, go for strong but authentic pieces. Sweet dreams for you Bohemian chic!
Scandinavian coffee table
We love this little Scandinavian table full of charm for its very attractive natural appearance. And what about his beautiful plateau, directly carved in a wooden trunk? The ideal nightstand for a northern and ethnic style room!
Lampshade suspension lampshade
To create a bohemian chic atmosphere in your bedroom, think of natural materials on fixtures.We will necessarily notice this wicker suspension ethnic style, while having the impression that it has always been there!
Natural wood standing mirror
Mirror, my beautiful mirror, what would you say to take a seat in the decor of my ethnic room? Exotic wood and ice standing to see each other from top to bottom, here is an accessory that is all good. In addition to being a pretty party decoration!
Natural woven rattan chair
With this natural rattan chair, sublime the ethnic decor of your room. A graphic weave that catches the eye, an authentic material … all you need is a cushion or a plaid to bring the final touch to your bohemian chic atmosphere!
Kubu headboard
Create a relaxing space in your room with this Kubu headboard.A creation in banana vine which will blend in your decor and will match perfectly with other furniture. What to bring an elegant ethnic touch!
Black cushion cover Polo
Original and timeless, this cushion cover is distinguished by its chevron-woven cotton and wool tassels. An accessory as stylish as warm, to accumulate without moderation on the bed of your room for a pretty ethnic decoration!
Ethnic style chest of drawers
With its graphic patterns, this wooden dresser has a real ethnic and Scandinavian look. Its mismatched black metal handles also help to give it character, without shading the material. Long live the wood!
Plaid natural and black
In the bedroom, we never tire of this jacquard plaid wool blend.The air of nothing, it skillfully mixes styles, between graphic contemporary pattern and textured thread with ethnic touch. A real decorative object to display proudly on your bed!
Contemporary or ethnic, Scandinavian or countryside, discover all the decorating styles for the room!