Black or chrome, orientable or fixed, in metal or paper, imposing or slender … Our selection of design and modern street lamps puts you in full view! Goal ? Stylishly dress your home while illuminating every room in the house.
5-branch floor lamp in chrome metal
With its 5 branches to position as you see fit and 5 small bulbs swivel at will, this chrome metal floor lamp offers fully customizable lighting. When design and pragmatism go hand in hand, your interior is a winner!
Design black floor lamp with gold finishes
Contemporary and elegant this floor lamp with golden finishes makes the eyes soft to quiet rooms, dedicated to work or laziness.His mantra? Style, nothing but style! Warm and in tune with the times, its retro look will not leave your beautiful office marble.
White pleated paper floor lamp
Here you are facing 1m46 of sweetness! With its metal base in titanium finish and its white pleated paper column shade, this floor lamp diffuses a soft and warm light that rounds the angles of contemporary furniture.
Chrome loft arch lamp
This lamppost arched seems to be taken for a suspension. Ideal near a sofa or above a coffee table, it will immerse without hesitation in rooms in need of light. Its chrome finish adds a nice touch of modernity.
Belina floor lamp 4 chromed metal lamps
This lamppost with 4 branches reminds us with nostalgia the sumptuous Art Deco years.If this style continues to inspire you, this light is for you. In the living room or at the corner of a corridor, it creates a nice surprise effect.
Design floor lamp in black metal
Inspired by industrial style, this black metal floor lamp brings sobriety and elegance to your home. Its dark color and soft, sophisticated light make it ideal for a dim room.
Emerra floor lamp in brushed steel
Impossible to do without this famous lighting retro look and brushed steel! High 80 cm, it is oriented to the envy to create all the desired moods. A safe bet that your interior can not do without.
Design floor lamp in metal with white lampshade
Chic and discreet, this design metal floor lamp stands proudly with its white lampshade.Inspired by the luminaires of the most beautiful hotels, this model will be integrated with ease in all types of interiors. Minimalism and modernity at the rendezvous.
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