Cement tiles, we do not get tired! They bring cachet to every room in the house. Often arranged on floors and walls, they are also available on furniture and decorative objects, from the coffee table to wall stickers. Here are 8 ways to give in to their colors and patterns!
Set of repositionable cement tile stickers
What’s better than adhesive stickers like cement tiles to personalize your interior? A set in several colors, composed of five tiles, which is very easy to install, can be removed and repositioned without leaving any traces!
TV cabinet with cement tiles
What we like with cement tiles is their cachet. On the ground and in their juice, they have a crazy charm. But on the furniture, the result is not bad either! The proof with this TV cabinet with the vintage touch, nicely highlighted by the cement tiles.
Mosaic print cushion
Do you have the chance to have a nice floor with cement tiles in your home? Showcase them with decorative accessories, like this elegant cushion with mosaic print. A subtle reminder of cement tiles on your sofa!
Canapés cement tile
With cement tiles, furniture is not left out. With their unique patterns, they bring a touch of originality to this adorable sofa. An original piece of furniture, which will find its place in a modern decor as well as in a flea market.
Stickers for tiles
To customize the tiling of your bathroom or kitchen, opt for this set of 10 stickers in black and white cement tiles.Resistant to water and UV, they are easy to install and give a real boost to your decor!
Rectangular coffee table
Cement tiles bring a decorative twist to all surfaces, from the floor to the walls, through the tray of this coffee table. The light patina of the surface brings a soul supplement to the point of stealing the star on the base in black lacquered steel!
Round tablecloth printing cement tiles
Cement tiles are also displayed with charm and elegance on a table, thanks to a patterned tablecloth. Favor the light colors, like this gray color on a bright white background. What surprise your guests and reap compliments!
Set of 6 coasters cement tile
At aperitif time, bring in the charm of the old or the southern sun, with coasters reminiscent of cement tiles or the famous Portuguese azulejos.Multicolored patterns for a real invitation to travel!
Cement tiles galore, it’s here!