Nothing like a kettle in a kitchen to make a good tea, preheat water pasta … But whether it is electric or not, it can quickly become foul because of limestone. Here are some simple, effective and cheap tips for cleaning your kettle every day!


Our 5 tips

– Descale an electric kettle
– Tips against limestone
– Detach a stainless steel kettle
– Clean a plastic kettle
– Shine a copper kettle



1. Descale an electric kettle

Tartar is THE number one problem for an electric kettle! Here are three unstoppable tips:
Boil a bowl of water with lemon juice (the citric acid it contains is very effective). Most ? The sweet smell of lemon in your kitchen!
Use white vinegar! Fill half of your kettle with vinegar and the other with water and boil.The limestone should disappear!
Boil a mixture with 1 liter of water and 2 teaspoons of baking soda!



2. Tricks against limestone …

As a rule, acidic products will be very useful to overcome the limestone (some people even use coca!) To prevent the limestone galloping back into your kettle, we recommend often:
not to let water stagnate at the bottom after use
to place an oyster shell or mussel (washed of course) to fix the limestone
to put a clean peg in to prevent scale from fixing on your resistances.
There are also anti-scale balls in the trade. Ecological and economical!



3. Detaching a stainless steel kettle

Stainless steel quickly has a tendency to stain: fingerprints, water … To clean your stainless steel kettle several tracks:
rub it with a sheet of newspaper
use soapy water
some baking soda in hot water
with olive oil (a few drops on a rag will make it rutile)
or with the silver stone rubbing gently in a circular way
Avoid overly acidic products on a stainless steel kettle and if you use them, rinse well and dry immediately afterwards.



4. Clean a plastic kettle

Be careful with white vinegar: if you use it pure, it can attack the plastic or at least damage it. Prefer natural products, like lemon in case of limestone!
For the rest of the kettle, simply clean it with some water and a little washing-up liquid and wipe it well!



5. Shine a Copper Kettle

To remove water and finger marks on a copper kettle, nothing beats newsprint! Scrub your kettle vigorously with a crumpled newspaper sheet, and it should shine.
You can also put hot water in the basin, with one or two handfuls of soda crystals. Clean it with a soft cloth and rinse!