There are days like this where nothing goes. When it happens at home and the morale is down, you just want to slip under the duvet and depress. Yet your “home sweet home” should be a source of happiness, so it must miss a little thing at home to give you a smile: it’s good, we found ten simple things to do at home to fill you with joy!


Highlight a good memory


This is an obvious thing to do and allows you to easily reboost. By surrounding yourself with good memories like pictures of happy moments on your walls, you will find yourself immediately in a friendly and warm environment. The pictures on the wall are not the only objects likely to recall the good times: it can also be a holiday souvenir object or an object from an inheritance reminding you of someone dear. Surrounding oneself with sentimental objects (without accumulating on the other hand) is an unstoppable remedy against gloom.


Buy an object to share


In the house of happiness, there are bound to be objects that encourage sharing and good humor. At this level, we have a multitude of ideas. We think of large tables with matching benches, hammocks for lover, bar stools for cooking, sofas XXL or multigenerational game console. So think big and family for his next shopping deco, something to delight friends and family. When others are happy, it’s inevitably contagious!


Greeting a plant


We keep repeating it (we hope you follow us): plants and flowers at home are an inexhaustible source of happiness. Not only do they bring freshness and color but are also totally dependent on you (for their well-being), they force you to think of something else. This pleasure of taking care of a plant and seeing it blossom is an anti-stress accessible to all.When in addition it makes more beautiful your interior, we say that the plant is all good.


Investing in a good bed


Sometimes you just have to think about your bed to immediately want to go home. If this is not the case for you, it may be because your bedding does not deserve attention. Having a bad bed is a bad idea for two reasons: it can cause a bad sleep and you are happier when you sleep outside. Owning a competition mattress is not enough, think about the details like quality bed linen and ergonomic pillows Everything that promotes a restful sleep is to be taken very seriously.


Open windows


As soon as you can, open your interior. First follow this first advice airing: you have to open ten minutes a day the windows of a room to renew the air, even in the city.The air is often healthier outside than inside. If time permits (and the noise is not unpleasant), keep your windows open: feeling a little breeze and hearing life outside is also a way to recharge your batteries because you do not feel at home. .


Call a friend


You were advised to keep the windows open but your door must be open too. In an imaginative way anyway. A happy home is a welcoming home, so do not hesitate to invite friends and make it clear that even unforeseen events are welcome. Having a person who suddenly comes to have a coffee at home is sometimes enough to cheer up a whole day.




Your bad mood at home may be due to a feeling of lack of space, a feeling of choking and not getting out of it. In this case, the remedy consists in decluttering its interior. A word that has become fashionable in recent years but reflects a shared need for freedom.Decluttering empties one’s home but also one’s mind and everyone agrees that it’s a good thing to separate from unnecessary things. Not to mention that the household becomes much easier after.


Empty the sink

Just cleaning up can be a real source of stress at home. When you come home and the long list of things to do before you take advantage of it, it gives you a headache. Normal but there is a way to fix it. Take the Flylady method which advises to start with a sink always clean. It may seem like a drop in the ocean and yet, a clean sink is sometimes enough to no longer make a mountain home at home.

Surround yourself with inspiring things

Because fashion is in quotation, we take advantage of an inspiring design to cheer up.One can expect little with a mug that says Believe in you and everyone will follow, medium with a message board that conveys your own words or great with a giant wall sticker that recalls.The Rules of Happiness.


Bringing a good mood


Finally, we strongly advise you to let go to make yourself feel happier at home. You must know how to decompress and not dwell on details such as a couch that you do not like, a mess that you can not overcome or walls that need to be repainted. In the end, there is nothing serious. Your house may not be perfect but it’s yours and you share it with the people who are most dear to you. What more ? If this thought can not comfort you, crack for a decorative unicorn object. It seems that it heals all the penalties.