Being a mom is the most beautiful thing that exists. But it must be admitted, Mom’s life is not always easy. Between family life, professional life and personal life, it is not always easy to organize. Where we did not expect it, deco can be a source of ideas for overbooked moms. Whether it’s to save time, tidy up your interior or enjoy your moments with your baby … Discover 10 deco accessories to make your mom’s life easier!


1. A mobile to fall asleep

mobile baby room
No mom will say the opposite: when you become a mom, your nights are shorter! To create an atmosphere conducive to your baby’s sleep, the mobile is an important ally. No more parties where you lulled your baby for hours to sleep! With its crisp little animals hanging over the bed (or the changing table to keep it captivated) and its musical function, your toddler can fall asleep with confidence.Not only is it an essential accessory in the nursery (we do not learn it) but if in addition, it is cute like this peacock version, it does not take more to convince us! Do not you?



2. A night light to admire

night light Joseph the rabbit
Nothing like a little night light to reassure your toddler when he sleeps alone in his room. With its outstretched ears, fun look and subdued lighting, we have completely cracked for this adorable night light: Joseph the Rabbit. Like a faithful companion, he keeps a watchful eye on your sleeping child and reassures him. In addition, when you have to wake up at night, you will no longer have to turn on the light and be dazzled to comfort your baby. The good news ? The night light has become a decorative accessory in its own right that is proudly displayed in the nursery!
desktop organizer
Because you are a mom, you are a superwoman! Between the races, the activities, the family moments and the work … You only run! To save time, you must be a queen of the organization. Calendar and papers, pens and thumbtacks, sticky notes and keys, family photos and diary … Get an organizer to collect your essentials and organize yourself every day. In addition to being a charm deco asset, it is the object of desire of all mothers overbooked! You can buy a loan for use like that of Petite Amélie or create it yourself. Between the Scandinavian wooden version of the blog Fish & amp; Bull or the industrial model made with grid Zess blog, we let you choose your favorite!



4.A carpet for playing and tidying up!

Carpet toy storage bag
Put the toys on the baby’s play mat – Stow the toys – take the toys out – put them away. These gestures, you do them repeatedly during the day. And if you were told that with this magic carpet, you will not have anything to do? While playing as a play mat when unfolded, it can be transformed into a storage bag by enclosing all the toys. Just pull the strings and you’re done! And because good news never comes alone, this carpet-bag is easily transported wherever you want! So who said that storage was not child’s play?



5. A comfortable chair for the night

hammock chair baby room
Whether it’s feeding or rocking, the rocking chair can make your night out much more enjoyable.Add a cushion and / or a plaid for the comfort key and all the ingredients will be gathered to enjoy your little one in a cozy way. Our deco tip: Choose a rattan rocking chair if the nursery is vintage or Scandinavian style. For a more bohemian atmosphere, you can even opt for a hammock. Design enthusiasts, for their part, will surely fall for the famous RAR Eames rocking chair whose reputation is not to be redone.



6. Storage for the changing table

changing table storage
Storage, there is never enough. Especially when it comes to baby toiletries and beauty affairs. Diapers, wipes, clothes, medications and other toiletries … You must have everything on hand when you change it! To avoid being invaded around the changing table, you must multiply the storage space.You can, for example, place baskets and use baskets as drawers on the changing table. For creative moms, you can add wooden boxes in extension of your changing table using hooks as shown in the DIY blog Charlie and grr.



7. Baskets for toys

basket child room storage
Definitely, storage accessories are essential when a child invests the premises. Because toys tend to scatter throughout the house, you can consider a storage basket for each room. I do not know you, but we are fond of this model with a reason, a pretty apple! But if you like vintage decoration, you can turn to an old trunk or a wooden chest. If you are a fan of recycling, consider recovering wooden crates to make modular storage.But above all, be sure to sand the wood and treat it to avoid any injury!



8. A cushion for lounging

maternity cushion
We are all the same, when it comes to the comfort of our baby, we are ready for anything. Especially when we can also enjoy! With this polar bear-shaped maternity pillow, you’ll be cuddling with your offspring! The positive points ? The maternity cushion can be used as support during pregnancy. It is perfect as a nursing pillow and to relax your baby. And finally, it can serve as a soft and soft plush when your toddler will grow! You’ll understand, it’s a decorative accessory three in one that will not leave you!



9. A baby lounger

transat baby
As often, you come home from a long day of work – baby under your arms – with a long list of things to do.When darling is not here to help you, the baby lounger can be helpful! If you must, for example, check the cooking of a dish or simply tinker, you can comfortably install your cherub in his deckchair by your side. Because yes, you are a superwoman but no, you still do not have the chance to have four arms! Be that as it may, besides being practical, the baby lounger is also a sensation for its look and its wooden design! It’s limited if we would like the same … Is not it?



10. A plaid to limit damage

baby plaid
And yes, the hazards do not prevent and a small accident can quickly happen when you feed baby on the couch! Because prevention is better than cure, it is suggested that you get several plaids and blankets to cover your sofa with a possible task.If you are breastfeeding, you can also use it to cover your baby when you receive guests. Side style, everything depends on your interior. In general, prefer easy to wash materials like cotton and colorful and patterned covers (it’s less messy)!