It’s a dream for some of us: discover at the bottom of the newly acquired land an abandoned barn with high ceilings and beautiful beams. This dream has become a reality for others and this barn discovered has become a beautiful house of character. Discover 10 incredible barn interiors found on Pinterest that make you want to take the key of the fields.


The XXL fireplace

All this open space gives you the fear of the worst in terms of heating. Unless the barn only serves the summer months, it can not be denied that this building must do the maximum on the insulation side. The good news is that you can see big heat source side and imagine a fireplace or stove with majestic dimensions. No doubt this object will be the centerpiece of the barn.



Take the door

It is unfortunately difficult to find in France an original sliding barn door but you can buy or even make it yourself.Completely connected with the building, this door gives an extra cachet to the set and reminds the initial function of housing. As the barn does not need to multiply the doors inside, so privilege the beautiful for these closures.



Do not overdo it

If it’s a shame not to dwell on the aesthetics of the doors, you can still see light for other parts of the barn. remember that this space has conquered you with few ornaments and that it is its rustic appearance that seduces. In other words, do not complicate things because the barn and its volumes are sufficient themselves. No need for complicated floors or sophisticated wallpapers, the main one is already here.



Light on all floors

As already mentioned, the ceiling and its height are the real added value of a barn. Still, we must be able to admire them! At this level, we can only rely on artificial light to fill the view.Know how to vary the lengths of suspension to create a particular atmosphere and highlight some details of the frame.



Inside – Outside

If it does not have any openings (except for the door), changing the use of the barn into a home requires the creation of several windows and doors. By opening outward, it reveals its potential breathtaking panoramas. Surrounded by the countryside and nature, it opens up to breathtaking landscapes that it would be a shame to deprive yourself.



Apparent skeleton

We have already repeated it several times (proof that we think so!) but the frame of the barn is really its strong point. We must do everything possible to preserve, restore and magnify. For example, you can repaint your beams to highlight them or play on the lights to make the most of them.



Minimalist spirit

Just because you decided to settle in a barn does not mean you have to adopt the country or rustic style.Fortunately ! Other styles are very suitable for this type of building such as industrial deco. One can also be inspired by much more modern atmospheres like the minimalist spirit. Associated with XXL objects, the minimalist style blossoms in a space like the barn, leaving the volumes free to express themselves.



Open bar

We bet your barn will become the gathering place for your entire tribe. With its airy space and quiet neighborhood, it is the ideal place for large parties and festive evenings. In these conditions, take the lead in arranging your barn to accommodate a maximum of people. In top trio, we vote for an XXL table, an open kitchen and a central island capable of gathering twenty people (at least!).



Get high

If your barn has sufficient ceiling height, it is possible to build a floor. Only advice, keep a piece that keeps the height for the majestic side.The ideal would be to install a mezzanine to join useful and pleasant. To mark the occasion, we opt for a sophisticated staircase. It must be considered as a strong piece of the house, especially if it is in the middle of the barn.



Facade renovation

We do not forget the outside of the barn! You can continue to keep the rustic look of your barn if you like it but you can also radically change its pace without betraying its character. Depending on the work and the openings created during the construction, it will undoubtedly be necessary to review its exterior. Take the opportunity to give your barn a facelift and pep’s!