After the scenes of SoCoo’c’s Life kitchen shooting, head to the kitchen designer’s office, just minutes from Annecy. In a sparkling atmosphere and around a large convivial table, Muriel Charbonnel, product manager, and Virginie Cros, communication manager, have deciphered the new trends and the emerging desires for cooking.

The evolution of a kitchen trend

“A trend can last for 3 to 4 years,” says Muriel Charbonnel, product manager for SoCoo’c. For example, the Scandinavian theme has been present for several seasons even though it is renewed from year to year with new aspects. At SoCoo’c, we like to make a plume between strong trends and the style of the brand, alive and accessible. There are certain elements that serve as markers for people, such as a cement tile pattern, for example. They identify something they like even if they do not buy it. ”


The themes that are revealed for kitchens

At the heart of the trend, natural materials are installed. “The minerals and the wood are reproduced identically until veining on less fragile materials, notes Virginie Cros, communication manager for SoCoo’c. The laminate in particular is textured and treated to be water repellent. With a very realistic rendering, melamine also has the advantage of being very affordable. ”

The colors, they allow themselves some sweet follies. “In the kitchen, water green, celadon green or blue green are very inspiring,” says Virginie. We also designed a kitchen with the blogger Louise Grenadine in these tones. The trend of dark colors, like dark blue, is also very strong. It is less hard than black but more marked than gray. It is chosen matt preferably, as are the accessories for decoration. The rose also has its place. He joins the marble for a feminine and refined style. ”


The layout of the kitchen is changing as well. “We do not want to hide anymore,” says Virginie. The trend is for openings, shelves, niches and showcases. The credence displays the utensils. Among the finishes, the handles can bring style. “The trend is for the removal of handles even though they are very practical,” says Muriel. They can be integrated into the furniture, in a rather wise or assertive way. ”


The deepest desire of everyone is to have a singular cuisine. “Accessorization makes it possible to personalize each kitchen,” says Muriel. A hood with cement tiles, a print on a wall, rounded corners or an original base. So many possibilities to diversify the decor. “