Known as the color of camouflage, khaki has freed himself from his militarized image. In fashion, it is a casual color adapted to the casual style. But what about the decor? Discover how persimmon displays its temperament in our interiors and follow our advice to adopt it according to your decorating style!


1. Why kaki green sticks?

Originally used to designate a fabric used for British Army uniforms in India, the word “khaki” was then used to define its color. If we were to qualify this color, we could say that it is a yellowish brown. But in reality, the khaki offers many nuances (beige khaki, bronze khaki, gray khaki …) to the point that it is difficult to really define it. Be that as it may, khaki often refers to camouflage. It is a deep and intense color that invites to adventure but not only.Far from its cold and rigid image, persimmon is also an organic color. Indeed, the khaki green reminds some nuances of nature. No wonder it is a trendy color when we know that nature is back in force in our interiors for several years already. Well used, the khaki is therefore an ideal color to decompartmentalize the interior of the outside.
Finally, if the khaki seduces more and more the followers of decoration, it is because this vegetable color adapts, to a very close, to all the styles of interior. Especially since it is a shade less cleavable than other shades of green and it agrees (as discussed below) with many colors. In fact, the green khaki, we imagine it as much in a country house than in a contemporary loft. And it’s good for his adaptability and timelessness that we love him so much.
Trendy khaki chair



3. Khaki green for what decorative style?

As it was said, khaki green adapts to all styles of interior (or almost). Associated with light colors and soft and natural materials, khaki green is a charming asset in a feminine atmosphere.In a more masculine style, he does wonders when he encounters deep colors and rough formwork materials.
In practice, if you like rustic interiors where nature is the hostess, green khaki is the color you need. Already because it has the advantage of melting perfectly with wood but also because it has the ability to showcase natural materials such as linen, rattan, wool or seagrass. For a natural but more tropical atmosphere, multiply plants, plant motifs and exotic materials like bamboo! If you are painting more than one wall, remember that to have an airy and natural result, the khaki must be associated with clear tones on the rest of the decoration!
Trendy khaki green wall
Bohemian decoration lovers, meanwhile, can afford more colors in their interior! Warm tones such as red or orange can give a boost to green khaki (provided the room is bathed in light).Add to that, several ethnic rugs, a hanging chair (as in this great child’s room) and some travel trinkets and voila. For fans of vintage deco, know that mustard yellow and khaki agree perfectly. All that remains is to add some antique furniture! And for lovers of Scandinavian decoration, you can simply combine green khaki with pastel tones such as powder pink, pale yellow or water green.
Military khaki furniture
Finally, persimmon is the best ally of industrial interiors. In a loft for example, it can give depth by associating with raw materials such as metal, concrete or even dark wood. Of course, khaki green refers to military equipment. Why not play on stereotypes by getting an imposing buffet reminiscent of the deserted canteen of soldiers?
And you, how do you use khaki in decoration?