In real life, Marion is a professor of fine arts at a college. On the internet, she is in charge of the account Instagram on which she shares her passions, namely a lot of decor and a lot of trips! And it works, since it is followed today by nearly 22,000 people! We also follow closely and we are under the spell of the style at once vintage, Scandinavian and colorful of his Norman house … which puts everyone in agreement (and good mood!).

Instagram hit again! The social network of images abounds with pretty accounts held by enthusiasts of decoration, which inevitably delight us! After Gwen My Lifestyle Deco and Virginie A New Look, today we introduce Marion, a young woman full of pep’s who knows how to handle the brushes as well as the screwdriver and her camera!


An old house to renovate, otherwise nothing!


A very handy dad, a passion for all handicrafts, art studies … Marion is a jack of all-trades who needs to create his own hands to flourish.When it comes to buying a house just for them, Marion, a visual arts teacher in Normandy, and his companion have a clear idea of ??what they want: an old house with character to retype! Even a ruin, whatever, what they want are walls that have a story to tell and a great potential to renovate! Real estate agents have a little trouble getting access to their request and presenting them with properties of this type … Perhaps they were afraid for them of the scale of the work to be done?
deco vintage colors
In any case, the couple does not stop and finally find the house of their dreams, not far from the bay of Mont Saint Michel. There is everything to do, you must even destroy and rebuild one of the four walls … But this building with 3 walls, a little wobbly but full of charm with its old stones and its wooden beams, it’s a real shot heart, a white canvas to imagine, to develop and decorate … Clearly, Marion is in his element!
After 1 year of paperwork (estimate, authorization because classified site, validation …) and 9 months of work, Marion and her husband can finally invest the place and go to the stage “decoration”!


A personal style that hits the mark on Insta!


Marion already has Instagram account on which she shares the preparations for her wedding, but also the purchase and works of the house. She has a small faithful community … that will quickly grow when she shares photos of its layout and interior decoration! Must say that she tastes Marion and she has a style of her own, just her!
As a jack-of-all-trades, Marion likes to renovate old furniture, give them a new life! She also loves color … Out of the question of living in a monochrome universe, she knows how to choose the touch of “dark green” and “yellow curry” that pimps a deco a little too wise in a while!
Its interior is a joyful mix of styles and colors cleverly associated, unexpected choices that we would not necessarily dared, accessories and details that are nothing to chance … And who ultimately go so well together! A solar decoration that is not boring, on the contrary … And who looks so good to its owner!
vintage enfilade buffet


In which room of your house do you feel the best?


“There are two: on the one hand my office-workshop, because that’s where I work and where I spend a lot of time.There are shelves all the way up to store my many boxes, archives and other tote bags (I’m a visual arts teacher, I have a lot of material!). There is also a large bay window overlooking the outside so it’s very bright, I feel good!
And then, there is the living room of course, where I like to ask myself, to read, to take my time. With its wood stove, touches of colors and all the furniture that I have often found flea market or recovered at my grandmother as a rattan chair or a workbench … It’s warm, it’s full of history and it looks like us! ”
vintage office


A decorative tip to give us?


“Dare! Do not be afraid to test things! For example, a wall is repainted to infinity so if a color makes you want, go for it! For our corridor, whose sub-basement is now gray-blue, we had bought three pots of olive green at the start … And in fact, the result did not please us, it was not this color that he needed to this place … Well too bad, we repainted!
Oh yes and then another advice: avoid mixing old with fake old.Let me explain: to revamp a vintage chair for example, opt for a fabric with contemporary print or a color full of pep’s! It will be even more beautiful and original than with a very classic fabric, falsely retro … ”
wall of frames


What are your deco projects?


“The biggest project to come, it will be the exterior design … Everything remains to be done! Moreover, I have a good council on this subject: the department proposes free appointments with landscape architects and urban planners to help you in your outdoor projects! It’s called the CAUE, architectural, urban planning and environmental advice.We took advantage and the architect ( after having asked us a lot of questions about our wishes, our tastes, our way of living outside, our displacements …) could offer us plans of space and landscape planning … A mine of information and inspiration ! ”