In the family of the “unconquerable classics”, there is … the blue bathroom! Here is our shopping list to give it an oceanic look, contemporary and slightly woody, without falling into the cliché marine. Ready to bubble? Follow the course!

Both decorative and informative, this poster (hanging on the wall or at the back of the door), recalls the basic rules of etiquette to the whole family. A two-in-one object that decorates while putting ideas back in place! We validate!
Cup of porcelain and checkered toothbrushes
The blue and green tiles of this toothbrush cup will put you in a good mood in the morning with their outline a school strand. A beautiful porcelain object to reveal all the delicacy of your bathroom.
Dark blue polyester laundry basket
Made of polyester to resist the humidity of the bathroom, this navy laundry basket makes you want to take off. What make taking the right course to your bathroom decor!
bamboo bathroom shelf
Blue is good, but with touches of wood, it’s better. Demonstration with this bamboo bathroom shelf. An exotic strand, this compact piece has a closed part to keep your towels dry.
Set of 4 blue and white stickers for tiles,
Whether for a change of decor or a fresh look at an aging bathroom, tile stickers are an effective tip and a cheap parade! This set of 4 blue and white pieces fits perfectly to the decor of your bathroom.
Marine blue bathroom mats 80x50cm
We did not find more soft than this bath mat to the effect “caterpillar”. That’s not to mention its navy blue, ultra chic, which blends perfectly with all the other shades of blue in your bathroom.
Big blue bath towel 100x150cm
This thick bath towel is worthy of a 5-star hotel. Its color blue duck, very elegant, will give a touch of originality to your bathroom. Hurry the next shower to curl up and enjoy a little cocooning moment!
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