The waxed concrete appeared in the 80s. Contrary to what its name seems to mean, it is not a structure of construction but a coating, in the same way as painting and tiling. A coating that is also a tobacco, propelling itself almost everywhere in the decoration!


The waxed concrete in the house

It’s simple, the waxed concrete finds its place everywhere. On the ground and on the walls, he can invite himself in every room. In the kitchen, there is also a worktop, credence, sink. In the bathroom, it becomes sink, bathtub, walk-in shower. With a well chosen faucet, for example very colorful, it is the elegance assured!
Naturally, the waxed concrete structures the storage elements, of which it unifies the visual aspect by allowing to embed washing machine, fridge … And all that you could want to integrate. In the living room, it looks great: small service, large friendly table, console resting on the wall … And if he went upstairs in modern stairs? Whether in the extension of the floor, also waxed concrete, or it comes in contrast with the coating of the room, it is always the most beautiful effect.



And why not outside?

For the lucky ones who have an outside, here is a space that the polished concrete knows how to occupy with practicality: it delimits an area for the barbecue, for which we invite you to have fun! Whether you have chosen a light or dark waxed concrete, in shades of beige, gray, or colored, do not forget to use the play of materials, and that of the colors: sunloungers with vibrant colors on a floor of anthracite gray concrete, it’s so pretty!
On the technical side, the characteristics of the exterior waxed concrete are the same as in the house. It is simply less smooth, slightly rougher, to make it safer and less slippery in the rain.
worktop concrete wax >



In nine … or in renovation!

The waxed concrete having the wind in stern, it is obviously integrated to the new constructions and make the joy of the buyers or their future tenants.But the part that interests us is where we can integrate this coating in our current cocoon! And for that, in renovation, polished concrete, it is a sacred option: it is simple, its support material can be indifferently tiling, rough concrete and even wood. And as it does not exceed 3 mm thick, the loss of space is downright negligible! On the bathroom floor, the indoor and outdoor floors, the kitchen worktops … You can even give style to a staircase that lacks steps and a railing waxed concrete or dress the coat an aging fireplace.
In short, waxed concrete is everywhere. Where does this versatility come from? The reasons are both practical and aesthetic.



The reasons for success

The waxed concrete is a reliable material, waterproof thanks to a process of waterproofing, it does not have joints that wear and dirty … The only stumbling block? It cracks if it has not been laid in the best conditions.But for that, there are many tutorials to help you.
As we have seen, the big advantage of waxed concrete is that it makes it possible to design custom spaces, both in terms of size and diversity. possibilities ( His strong personality is combined with a strong adaptability, never disturbed it goes without saying in a Zen kitchen, modern, as in a loft atmosphere where he plays the evidence under old-fashioned beams. In work plan, it sublimates the everyday objects, vases of flowers, glasses, plates, lamps … All this thanks to its slightly crude side, conjugated with the sophistication of its clean lines. And as if all these qualities were not enough …
beton wax mercadier



It makes you see all the colors

The color palette of waxed concrete is endless, and color charts professionals show names that make you dream (red terracotta, lagoon blue, white feather, field mouse, flannel , caramel, cranberries …).So how to choose? Your choice will of course depend on your taste, but also the mood of the room. The metal trend, very present in our interiors, supposes monochrome, mineral colors, which remind the raw material. A Scandinavian style will alternate between light wood and white walls, which the finishing layer protects against stains. In a child’s room, soft shades, pastel. At the edge of the sea, a blue floor to play with plaids or striped cushions …. The diversity of colors is added to that of matt finishes, satin, or shiny. A real panoply for a unique decoration!