It’s everywhere right now. On home decor magazines, Instagram or Pinterest and in all trendy stores.
After years spent in the shadows, forgotten by all, the terrazzo initiates its big comeback! Worn by the biggest designers of the moment, this granite material seems to still have some cards to play. Formerly limited to walls and floors, today it is declined in a multitude of forms: in furniture, textiles or other decorative objects of all kinds … Here is a graphic trend that will not leave you indifferent!

The great history of terrazzo

Coming from Italy , it is also called Granito which means “little grain”. Old as the world, or almost! Founding its roots in antiquity, this building material sees its apogee at the end of the Middle Ages .Venice is then booming: its architectural needs and its proximity to marble quarries tend to democratize the terrazzo. His great particularity? In addition to its chic look close to granite , it is resistant to any test , especially to moisture. Alternative inexpensive , it quickly dethrones the marble. We see him gradually dressing all the palaces of the lagoon city.
In the 20s , it’s the revelation! His success is such that he is exported abroad. In France, many corridors or stairwells succumb to the charm of terrazzo Art Deco . Produced onsite, soils are cast “in situ” . Do not make terrazzo that wants so!
Fortunately, a few years later, the process ends up being optimized. So molded as slabs , it’s all the rage! Before finally falling into oblivion and disuse…
Our terrazzo finally attempts a timid return in the 90s , in the form of confetti in the colorful Memphis style. Then spotted by some designers, the next generation is preparing. Boosted recently by clothing brands like Marie Sixtine or Maison Kitsuné in their shops, we can not ignore it anymore! He comes back this time in force, and does not seem to have said his last word! We love this speckled and random look that gives each terrazzo its unique side. And you, will you succumb to its pointillist charm?

Terrazzo, a tough guy with a soft heart

Very resistant – and waterproof if done well, the terrazzo is a true champion! The proof, in the Venetian palaces, some soils are more than 800 years old ! But what is this material made of? What are his poses techniques and his variants? Forward for some explanations.
Technically, it is first and foremost a hybrid material , composite. In general, it is a happy aggregate of various materials in a cement base (or lime) more or less colored. Fragments of stone , shards of glass , dust and splinters of marble colored … This is the mix that gives the binder its speckled look so characteristic . Rather green then, quite in the trend of recycling ! Joking aside, the installation of the terrazzo in the rules of the art requires a certain know-how . First, there are two poses techniques that differ visually. Here they are:
The terrazzo “alla Veneziana” , the most complex, is identified by its aspect “gros grains” . First, we make a first pouring of sanded cement .In a concrete mixer, marble dust, cement and small bursts are carefully kneaded . This mixture is then deposited on the still fresh soil. But that’s not all ! It’s time to “sow” the biggest fragments before sanding to reveal the brilliance.
The terrazzo “went Genovese” , is distinguished by the lower size of its grains . Its manufacture is faster, in the sense or we skip the sowing step . Its appearance is more regular.
As you will have understood, it will probably be necessary to call a professional to ask terrazzo at your place. Fortunately, today other materials have appeared on the market.For ease of installation, there are terrazzo slabs condensed, and cement tiles with a granite look. To you the chic and graphic atmosphere!



It’s decided, I see life in terrazzo!

trend-deco-terrazzo -furniture.jpg
Initially dedicated to the construction, we see it today declined in everyday objects of light. With this material, all the fantasies are possible. Furniture, textiles, stationery and other objects of desire, it reinvents itself to infinity … For our greatest happiness! As far as aesthetics is concerned, it’s hard not to succumb to its mineral and natural aspect. For these reasons, it fits perfectly in the current approach where one looks foremost authenticity . Definitely, the terrazzo is all good!
In the renovation work, we imagine it of course in the bathroom for its impermeability. Heat resistant, it is also used as a work plan. But there are a multitude of other possibilities: stair steps, credence, basin sink or even pool. Let’s be inventive! To avoid lassitude, it is preferred by small keys . Associated with wood , brass , or pastel colors , it will marry wonderfully.
And if the work scares you, do not panic! We now have a whole range of possibilities: wallpaper for the walls, desk top, coffee table or tableware … The designers have taken over the subject!
For the first time , we even find this spotted appearance in the textile world . For a minimal cost, we can now afford the terrazzo look on pretty cushions, a lamp, a carpet … For a festive life in color, let yourself be tempted by the confetti look!