Renovate, polish, protect … There are many advantages to waxing a piece of wood furniture, you know it. Yes only here, you do not know where to start. Liquid wax or paste? Cloth or brush? One or more layers of wax? Getting a nice waxed furniture is not rocket science. Follow the guide!



– Prepare the furniture before waxing
– Choose the wax
– To wax a wooden furniture
– Apply one or more layers of wax
– Polish wood furniture



1. Prepare the piece of furniture before waxing it

You can wax a piece of furniture only if it is ready to be waxed. Concretely, this implies that it is clean, of course, but also sanded and stripped if necessary. Better always leave a raw and clean surface. Scratches or holes must also have been capped. Before applying the wax, the furniture should be cleaned with acetone or turpentine.From these first steps, think about airing the room where you tinker, put on gloves and protect your eyes.




2. Choosing the wax

There are different types of “wax” (or encaustic) for waxing a wooden furniture: some are tinted, others not, everything depends on the rendering you want. On the technical side, you have the choice between liquid wax and paste wax. We recommend the liquid form for waxing furniture with worked moldings since it avoids overloading material. The “pasty” form is just as effective and has the advantage of not running during the application.




3. Wood waxing

The application of wax can be done with a cloth (for a wax in the form of paste) or a brush (for a liquid wax).You will not fail to realize, the brush facilitates the stain for corners and moldings of the wooden furniture. In both cases, the principle is the same: the cloth (or brush) is soaked in wax and applied to the wood in circular motions. At the end, do not hesitate to remove the excess encaustic with a clean cloth.



4. Apply one or more layers of wax

table-wood-furniture -cire
Contrary to popular belief, it is necessary to apply the wax in thin layer. If you apply it immediately in thick layer, the result will be unflattering, with a dirty and dull. After applying the first coat of wax, wait (1 hour minimum) and then polish.For each layer, repeat this experiment, applying the wax in the direction of the wood fibers. If you are looking for a particularly bright patina, you will not escape the third layer!



5. Glazing wood furniture

Last step to give your wood furniture all its shine: polishing. After allowing the wax to penetrate the wood for a few hours, scrub the cabinet vigorously (but not too hard) with a nylon brush, always in the direction of the fiber. You can stop once you’ve got the desired shine. And if you ever want to polish your furniture even more, polish it with a soft cloth!