Over time (and bad weather), traces of raindrops, dust, fingerprints, cat’s feet and droppings of birds draw unsightly marks on the windows … Want to get over it? The editor gives you his 5 tips and tricks to wash the windows well.


Our tips

– Choose the right day to wash the windows
– The right tools for washing windows
– Wash the windows well with white vinegar
– The right actions to clean the windows
– Latest tips and tricks for flawless windows



1. Choose the right day to wash the windows

You have nothing to do today, your windows are dirty, and you say: it’s high time to wash the windows? To find out if it’s a good idea or not, take a look at the weather:
It is raining ? Put back the washing of the tiles to another day because the drops of rain, it is well known: it leaves traces on the windows!
The sun is shining (unlike your tiles)? Enjoy the good weather … You still have better things to do than wash the windows! In addition, the rapid evaporation of water on the windows tends to leave marks on the tiles.This is why it is not recommended to clean windows in sunny weather.
The weather is cloudy ? Perfect for sticking to it (not to the window, but to the window cleaning).
As it is a “nice weather” gray, the operation “clean windows” can begin … And presto, we go up the sleeves!



2. The right tools to clean the windows

Forget the paper towel (not ecological) to wash your windows. Prefer instead:
Crumpled newspaper: the cleaning effect of the printing ink makes miracles of brilliance on the windows. This trick of grandmother to clean windows is also widely used in poor countries. The opportunity to recycle your old newspapers in the household … But beware, the paper must be of quality.
A microfiber cloth (or two or three depending on the glass surface): the tight fiber composition of the microfibers makes it a perfect tool for cleaning and drying windows. Provided, of course, that your tools are clean and lint-free.
A squeegee or moistener: the favorite tool of professional window washers is guaranteed without peel and without (too much) effort. Perfect for removing traces of large windows … without tiring you out!



3. Wash the windows thoroughly with white vinegar

To wash the windows without leaving traces (and without harming the planet), your best weapon is white vinegar. So grab a bottle of white vinegar, not to prepare the dressing sauce … but to make your home window cleaner. Washing windows with white vinegar is very simple:
Mix cold or warm water (2/3) with white vinegar (1/3) in a small container or better: a vaporizer.
Clean the windows with a clean microfibre cloth (or a squeegee or newspaper) with this mixture.
Let dry.
Take a step back and tadam! Your windows are shining with brilliance and flies and spiders are not ready to stick to it (the smell of white vinegar makes them clear) …



4. The right actions to wash the windows well

how-to-clean window-panes
For bright windows of brilliance, some good gestures are necessary: ??
Dust hunting : Before washing your windows, do not forget to dust off the window frame. The result will only be more optimal and sustainable.
From top to bottom : like dust on furniture, windows are cleaned from top to bottom.
Outside first : start from the outside (usually dirtier). This tip will allow you to see your efficiency once made inside.
The efficiency of the gesture : and a big eight up and down with the arms. And two big eight a little lower, always with the arms … Tou Tou You Tou … Clean windows: it’s sport! For flawless windows, put all your energy into it!



5. Latest tips and tricks for flawless windows

Latest writing tips for an even more spectacular result:
Tip “very dirty windows” : when jobs, grease, children’s birthday and bad weather malfunction the tiles, a pre-cleaning is necessary. To do this, use a little black soap or dishwashing liquid mixed with water and scrub with a soft sponge.A last pschitt mix of water and white vinegar followed by wiping with a microfiber cloth and your windows are impeccable.
Tip “anti-mosquito windows” : add 10 drops of lemongrass essential oils to your mixture of water and white vinegar … and bye-bye mosquitoes!
Now that the windows of your house shine proudly regardless of the angle under which we look at them, you just have to beware of accidents windows … frequent when they are so clean!