No, detox is not just for our organization. Our interiors too have the right to be purified. This is called a Home Detox. We agree, it is not always easy to get started but the efforts are worth it. Sorting, storage, optimization of space, use of natural materials … The Home Detox invites us to return to basics and breathes new energy into our interiors. How to do ? Here are 5 steps to make an effective Home Detox!


1. Sort the superfluous, you will do

Home detox tri
This is THE first thing to do when you want to perform a Home Detox. Yes, but between old clothes, trinkets souvenirs and accumulated paperwork, you do not know where to turn! To help you in this first step, we suggest you to take inspiration from the famous Marie Kondo method.Specializing in storage and personal development, this Japanese woman demonstrates that living in an orderly house would have a positive influence on all other aspects of your life!
To do this, she recommends sorting by category of object: first clothes, then books and papers, everyday objects and finally, objects that have a sentimental value. In this way, sorting is less difficult since respecting this order, you will end up keeping only the objects that inspire you the most joy!



2. Optimize storage, you’ll think

optimized storage
Storage, we all need it and even if we have the chance to accumulate, we always end up overflowing. Still, with a little optimization, you can gain space. How? By rethinking your storage spaces! In general, use every nook and corner of the room to gain maximum space.Also consider adopting multifunctional furniture: a basket to store the plaids and cushions that also serves as a side table, a storage box as a bed end … The possibilities are many!



3. Delimit the spaces, you will not forget

delimit space home detox
Delimit spaces is to define a function for each room of the house. If this step is important, it is because it can change all the perspectives of an interior. And because the tendency is to decompartmentalize, it is enough to have a little imagination to arrange its interior without losing too much space. The windows are the perfect example since they allow to create separate spaces while allowing light to circulate. But you can also delimit spaces thanks to floor coverings or painting. If your kitchen is open to the living room, you can create the illusion using different materials: parquet for the living room and cement tiles for the kitchen!



4.The sources of light, you will accumulate

lumiere verrière
Light – Not only is it essential to our well-being, but it also helps to visually enlarge a room. In this sense, the more your interior benefits from direct light, the better. But if your habitat is rather dark, you will have to stop there. For example, you can integrate a skylight or a canopy. As it was said earlier, glazed surfaces have the advantage of creating a visual communication between the rooms and thus enlarge the field of vision.
In any case, multiply the artificial light sources and favor the light colors (they more easily reflect the light). You’ll understand, whether natural or artificial, the light must illuminate your interior for an effective Home Detox.
The trick to remember? The mirror is the essential decorative accessory to give the illusion of space.Indeed, it is a great way to capture the light and reflect. Placed in small spaces, it opens new perspectives.



5. Nature, you will invite

plants home detox
It’s no secret that the Scandinavian style has become emblematic in the world of decoration. Whether it is the Danish trend of the Hygge or the Swedish way of life, Lagom, these movements – or Nordic arts of living – have a common objective: to return to the essential. Knowing that Norwegians have been elected ‘the happiest people in the world’ in 2017, it would be wrong not to be inspired by it!
Naturally, a return to safe values ??requires the use of natural materials (wood, rattan, bamboo, straw, wicker …). But a Nordic interior worthy of the name also invites nature as it is.Opt for bouquets of flowers for the touch of colors, plants for the green touch and aromatic herbs for a kitchen garden! The good news ? Some plants have benefits of depolluting for the interior! It would be a shame not to enjoy it …



6. BONUS: Happy, you’ll be

Because that’s right, the goal of a Home Detox: get rid of the superfluous, focus on the essentials and enjoy it to let go. To get there, learn to fully appreciate your new interior. In the same way that you want to take care of your body, respect your interior. If homemade or durable alternatives match you, you can even create your own home-made household products! Be that as it may, remember that Home Detox aims to make you happy in balance and simplicity …