How to hold your kitchen quote?

Small or large kitchen , the budget is decisive for the development. Depending on the envelope, the choice of cabinets and furniture, facades, worktop or appliances varies. Challenge or puzzle, the layout of the kitchen  is often done with the help of a cook to have a quote and to be best oriented according to his needs and expectations. If the market is evolving (including the arrival of the kitchens in supermarkets or DIY decoration), the price transparency is not general . The buyer needs to keep a keen eye to develop at best space. Follow the step-by-step ideas of Amandine and Pauline, interior decorators for ADC l’Atelier next door, and Samuel Gabriac, manager of the SoCoo’c store in Montpellier Lattes, to optimize their kitchen budget.

Before drawing up an estimate and moving on to buying a kitchen , a big phase of reflection is necessary to arrange this technical piece. Depending on the space available, the dwelling, the environment ( soil and wall ) or the people who live there, the needs are not the same. Once the priorities are set(want a central island , a corner cabinet or a U-shaped kitchen ), the essential criterion remains the budget . Sometimes important, often limited, it is always the basis of the design of a kitchen. To be defined in advance, the desired investment must be communicated in full transparency to the cook to be controlled. Discover the tips of pro to respect the initial estimate while having fun with the arrangement of a beautiful kitchen .

1. Define the budget dedicated to his cuisine

In a simple and obvious way, the amount allocated to develop the kitchen (including furniture , facades, work plan, appliances, finishes, delivery and installation) must be flattened. “From the beginning, the budget will guide the project,” says Amandine and Pauline from ADC l’Atelier next door.If we have 5,000 or 20,000 euros for its cuisine, it’s not the same! ranges and cooks to which we will turn. ”

It is up to the professional to validate the feasibility of the project, according to the investment planned by the client. “The budget must be consistent with the needs, says Samuel Gabriac SoCoo’c.Sometimes the expectations are too high and unreal project.For example, if there is only 1 000 euros for the purchase of kitchen furniture it may not pass. ”

A kitchen made by ADC l'Atelier next door.

2. Detail your kitchen quote

Once the overall envelope has been determined, the kitchen quote takes place in several points. Among the first questions to ask themselves, the practical aspect with laying, delivery and household appliances . “It is essential to dissect the budget, says Samuel Gabriac.It is to know immediately if the customer wants delivery and installation.It is a fixed amount to be taken into account.A together we determine a budget. means dedicated to home appliances that will be refined after the design of the kitchen.After these figures, we know the amount remaining for furniture.

3. List the needs for his cooking

Before starting to design a kitchen, it is necessary to list his desires and needs. “If the person never cooks or on the contrary, spends his time behind the stove, his expectations will not be the same, says Samuel Gabriac.Choose a particular piece of furniture must be according to lifestyle habits. Essential information to best target the layout of your kitchen.

An example of a plan to design his own kitchen (Louise kitchen, SoCoo'c).

An example of a plan to design his own kitchen (Louise kitchen, SoCoo’c).


4. Opt for standard furniture in priority

In kitchen design, classic furniture has a lower cost than specific furniture. “The more mass produced, the lower the price,” says SoCoo’c’s manager, “for example, a basic cabinet with two doors costs less than a three-drawer cabinet that represents three mechanisms and three fronts. . ”

As far as possible, most of the kitchen is made with standard furniture. “Cutlery, drawers or shelves will quickly push up the budget,” notes Amandine and Pauline, “it’s all about keeping things simple enough for the basics and looking after the finishes.”

Indus kitchen, SoCoo'c.


5. Ensure the materials of the facades and the work plan

“What will make the price of a kitchen is the functionality of the furniture and the choice of materials facades, summarizes Samuel Gabriac.It is one of the decisive elements and has a direct impact on the budget. Lacquered facades have a higher cost than melamine facades. ”

If the price of materials is to be monitored, the appearance must be controlled to suit the desired style. “We always advise our customers to go and see on the spot, in shop, the appearance of the facades to make sure that they correspond to their desires, entrust the interior decorators.They must be easy of maintenance. attention to trends, raw materials such as solid wood, in addition to being expensive, can quickly stain.

The materials for the facades impact the price of the kitchen.

The materials for the facades impact the price of the kitchen.


6. Dare the recipe to limit the kitchen quote

With a few tips and a little imagination, the layout of the kitchen can also be thought from diverted elements . “A piece of furniture” becomes an island or a family dresser is used to store dishes, suggest Amandine and Pauline.It is not an obligation to buy everything from a kitchen.

7. Invest in quality household appliances

Faced with a wide choice, appliances can be purchased at a kitchen or retail in a specialist store. In any case, the investment must be reasoned to avoid disappointments. “It is better to pay a little more but have the highest quality of service, guarantee and care,” recommends Samuel Gabriac.


8. Have fun on some points and minimize others

A kitchen requires a real reflection and its layout, some ruses. “Most of the time, people want a nice worktop and do not worry about the interior of the furniture,” says Amandine and Pauline “It is quite possible to take, for example, caissons or simpler facades. and have fun with a quality work plan. ”

The work plan is a guarantee of style, it can represent a higher investment in a kitchen (realization ADC Workshop next door).

The work plan is a guarantee of style, it can represent a higher investment in a kitchen (realization ADC Workshop next door).


9. Do not hesitate to return to the kitchen quote

Once the quote is set, we can come back to the project and its various key points to change some things. “Depending on the amount of the quote, the customer may prefer to keep his dishwasher or not to choose the pose in order to go upmarket for appliances or have a beautiful credence, ” notes Samuel Gabriac. The kitchen being a complex piece, it is better to take your time and be sure not to be wrong!