Main residence of bacteria, a fridge is cleaned twice a month, from top to bottom and with adapted products. Find here all the steps and tips to effectively clean the inside and outside of your fridge.



– Why clean your fridge?
– Which products to use to clean your fridge?
– How to clean the inside of your fridge?
– How to clean the outside of your fridge?
– Our recommendations



1. Why clean your refrigerator?

Between food and packaging, the fridge is a treat for bacteria (salmonella and listeria) that proliferate at high speed V. They contaminate just as fast food products placed in your refrigerator. Ideally, it should be cleaned every 15 days, or at least once a month.



2.Which products to use to clean your fridge?

There are several options to clean your fridge. Arm yourself with a soft sponge or cloth and choose between soft soap and warm water, or half vinegar mixture, half warm water, with possibly a few drops of lemon juice. You can also use a little bleach (in small quantities) if your fridge is dirty and deserves to be disinfected. If your appliance has stainless steel areas, use a special product or white vinegar on these surfaces to make it shine. In any case, dry the cleaned surface with a soft cloth that will not leave a trace.
Tip: avoid wipes soaked in products that are often toxic to health.



3. How to clean the inside of your fridge?

Take a step by step step by step for efficient fridge cleaning:
– Start by removing all that contains your fridge
– Sort out: food status, expiry dates …
– Remove the shelves, remove the glass plates, the grids, the shelves of the door … To be able to wash them more easily and directly in the sink of your kitchen.
– Defrost your refrigerator (ideally once a month) by turning it off and using a wooden spatula to blow the frost. Defrost your fridge is a way to ensure a long life and save energy. Because yes, 4mn of frost only enough to double the power consumption of your fridge!
– Clean the inside of your fridge from top to bottom for effective cleaning.
Tip: Use a toothbrush to reach hard-to-reach corners and joints.



4. How to clean the outside of your fridge?

clean-step fridge-refrigerator-kitchen
Admittedly, it is inside that the food is arranged and therefore likely to dirty your fridge, but it does not mean that you should ignore the outside of your device.Dirty greasy hands leave marks: so think of putting a sponge swab soaked with mild soap on the door and the handle, then wipe with a microfiber cloth to leave no trace.
Do not forget the condenser (located on the back of your refrigerator) by dusting it with a vacuum cleaner. If it is too dirty, it can significantly increase your energy consumption. Think about it once or twice a year!



5. Our recommendations

Carefully read the instructions supplied with your fridge: some coatings require special care.
Optimize the storage inside your fridge for easy maintenance and save time. Remove, for example, unwanted packaging, place leftover food in Tupperwares (so you avoid bad smells), place Sopalin leaves at the bottom of the crisper to easily recover small dirt.