More spacious and practical than a wardrobe, the dressing room is an effective storage solution … provided it is well laid out. Measures, finishes, configuration and accessories: we take stock of tips and tricks to build a dressing worthy of the greatest Hollywood stars.

Our tips:

  • Fit a dressing room to the perfect configuration
  • Do you have an open, semi-open or closed dressing room?
  • Mix storage solutions in dressing room
  • Adopt smart accessories in the dressing room
  • How to design a dressing room decoration?

1. Create a perfect dressing room

A dressing room at the Carrie Bradshaw is a dream for everyone. Still it is necessary to know how to arrange it in its interior. To be perfectly configured, this piece in its own right, which is more and more like an optimized closet (lack of space) must adapt to your dimensions, your wardrobe and your lifestyle.Before setting up your dressing room, here are the good questions to ask yourself:
What provision for the dressing room? Dressing L, U, I (in 2 rows), linear dressing (wardrobe-dressing) with or without central island: there are 10,000 ways to build a dressing.
What dimensions for your dressing room? To create a separate room reserved for the storage of clothes 4 to 5 m² minimum are required.
Which location for your dressing room? A dedicated room, a sub-slope, an angle, the length of a wall and even an alcove can accommodate a dressing room.
What type of dressing room? Design a ready-to-install dressing room, kit, modular or tailor-made … Each solution has its price.



2. Do you have an open, semi-open or closed dressing room?

Before setting up your dressing room, you must decide between:
Build an open dressing room: for better visibility of your business.Saving money with the key.
Build a closed dressing room: to protect your belongings from light, dust (and prying eyes).
Develop a semi-open dressing room: In case of hesitation, the semi-open dressing room is a good entre-deux.
If you opt for a closed or semi-closed dressing room, the question of doors, colors and materials will be asked. The doors can be:
Casement: for total opening on your storage space.
Sliding: to give more lightness to the dressing. Space saving at the key.
Note that inexpensively we can also add a curtain attached to a rod to hide the business dressing.



3. Mixing storage solutions in the dressing room

A dressing worthy of the name mixes at least three storage elements: shelves, wardrobe and drawers. It’s up to you to find the right ratio according to your dress habits.Sir works in business? Wardrobe bars will be favored. Madam is adept of the method Marie Kondo? Shelves will have the last word.
It remains to take the measure of everything:
Side wardrobe: count 90 cm to 110 cm in height to hang your shirts and jackets and 150 cm to 170 cm for your coats and your dresses. Note that to superpose two rods, it takes at least 110 cm of space between the two rods. The depth of the ideal wardrobe is about 45 cm.
Side dressing shelves and / or shelves: count between 40 to 50 cm deep and high.



4. Adopt smart accessories in the dressing room

dressing-accessory-shirt -cravate
In bad storage to store clothes, jewelry, scarves belts and ties? Professionals imagine innumerable accessories to bring to life your dreams of dressing perfectly arranged and optimized.Some examples:
The belt support: Suspended on their support, the belts can not escape you anymore.
The tie holder: To say goodbye to the ties that play hide-and-seek before leaving for the meeting of the century.
The drawer dividers: The ideal for storing the jewels here and the knee highs there.
Wearing scarves and scarves: Finished scarves found crumpled at the bottom of the dressing room.
Sliding coat hangers: Make it a point of honor to slide your favorite clothes towards you.
The basket shelf: A changing accessory for a tidy dressing room.



5. How to design a dressing room?

Now that your closet has almost as many options as your car, all you have to do is complete the decor. Depending on the space you have and your desires, you can:
Beautify the dressing room with baskets.
Follow suit with storage boxes.
Hang your jewelry, hats and scarves on pegs.
Install a mirror between the storage modules to play “mirror oh my beautiful mirror” while giving depth to the dressing room.
Take care of dressing room lighting: not to confuse the black sweater with the navy sweater early in the morning. Recessed spotlights, light rods, automatic presence detectors or shelf-mounted LEDs make all the difference …
Here is your dressing perfectly arranged and organized. T-shirts, sweaters, shirts and pants just have to stand.