We’re not going to lie to each other, putting a bathroom into a functional and pleasant room is a challenge. Limited space, technical constraints, adapted furniture, as many elements to take into account to think as well as possible your mini personal spa. Here are 5 golden rules for an optimized layout of your bathroom!


Golden rules

– Optimizing bathroom space
– Respect the technical constraints
– Facilitate cleaning and maintenance
– Playing on light and colors
– Have fun with the decor



1. Optimizing the bathroom space

The number one rule for creating a bathroom is optimizing the space. This is first of all the choice of furniture that will save you space (for example, avoid the double basin in a small bathroom). Taking into account the shape of the room, you will also achieve optimal design: a bathroom will not be configured the same way if it is square or in length.And if your bathroom is spacious, go for the bathtub or the integrated laundry room!



2. Respecting the technical constraints

When setting up a bathroom, there are a number of safety rules to follow, starting with the electrical installation. The electrical outlets must be placed at a minimum distance from the water points, to avoid any risk. Similarly, from a practical point of view, it is recommended to take into account a minimum distance between the elements of the bathroom to facilitate the circulation: 60 cm for example in front of the bath, the washbasin or the shower to move without encombres.



3. Facilitate cleaning and maintenance

If there is a room where materials are subject to specific constraints, it is the bathroom.Then decorate it with quality furniture, whose finishes are moisture resistant. Because wood is good, provided it is treated and adapted to bathroom use. Also facilitate access for cleaning by preferring a washbasin cabinet and shelves height. Finally, do not forget to provide practical storage: Baskets, coat hooks and heated towel rails!



4. Playing on light and colors

laundry-room-clothes -inspiration
To make your bathroom big or small, use all the tricks you can imagine to expand the space.Bring light thanks to a lighting adapted and flexible according to your uses. Dare also the accumulation of mirrors and the XXL mirror on the door so you can look from head to toe. On the color side, favor the light colors to breathe the space, or dark if you want to create an intimate atmosphere.



5. Have fun with the decor

We do not forget the last rule essential to create a bathroom that looks like you: the decor! The more furniture and materials you choose, the easier it will be for you to add the finishing touch to your decor. Vintage lamp and minimalist shelf for a retro-Scandinavian bathroom, or rather wooden bench and towels in natural shades for a bathroom with a Zen atmosphere, every detail counts. Just one word: Treat yourself!