Rising in strength in recent years, rattan is in all interiors. It is no longer found only in flea markets but is now found in all decoration stores. With such success, rattan comes in all forms: from seating to garden furniture to lighting and small decorative objects. How to adopt rattan at home? Follow the guide with our tips piece by piece.


In the living room

With the return to fashion of the hand-made, it is not surprising that rattan is a natural material preferred. It is invited in our interiors to bring a little authenticity and warmth. In the living room, the chair and the chair are the most sought after rattan pieces. And for good reason, the seats have a central role in this room conducive to conviviality. Because this is where we lazily and relax!
For the form, everything depends on your style.Choose a rocking chair for a retro or Scandinavian style lounge. In suspended version, the rattan chair becomes exotic. Bohemian decoration lovers can, of course, crack for the famous armchair Emmanuelle which gives, by itself, character to a room. Add some wicker rattan storage baskets and colorful rugs for an even more tropical decor!
Finally, rattan can also twister a contemporary living room with a sleek seat. The trick for a more modern rendering? Opt for mixed materials: a rattan seat but a metal base for example.
Rattan hanging kitchen deco



In the kitchen

Even in the kitchen, you can dare to rattan! Especially if you like retro furniture. For what better than furniture designed from the technique of caning to give a vintage look in the kitchen? If you love to hunt and tinker, this is an opportunity to find an old furniture caning and retype.
Be that as it may, caning is not the only way to introduce rattan into the kitchen. You can also choose to highlight the rattan thanks to the lighting! Hang lights above the bar or dining table. For a casual and friendly atmosphere, think about varying the sizes and heights of the suspensions. Conversely, for a more refined result, be sure to align the suspensions.
Rattan bed headboard



In the room

If you like rattan, you’ll be able to let go in the room! Around the bed to start, you can for example choose a decorative rattan panel as headboard or bedside tables. And why not both ! Enough to make an exotic fragrance prevail in a room that must be cozy and intimate.
You prefer to adopt the rattan by small touches? Use a chair for a desk or armchair near your dressing room.And complete with some wicker rattan storage baskets. And for the nursery, retro moms can also fall for a rattan cradle!
Rattan bathroom mirror indus



In the bathroom

Because the mirror is the essential accessory of the bathroom-and of the whole house for that matter-it is the ideal opportunity to adopt the rattan. And that’s good, the sun mirrors and flower mirrors are more than ever trend for the greatest happiness lovers retro style.
But do not worry, the rattan mirror is not exclusively confined to this style of decoration. And it is even found in ultra modern interiors and industrial looks as evidenced by this inspiration. In any case, you do not need to do too much to adopt rattan in your bathroom. One or two mirrors are enough to bring a little lightness to the room.
Rattan garden furniture




In the garden, the reputation of rattan is well established. It is chosen for its robustness and durability and is easily found in garden furniture. With some colorful cushions for the comfort key, the rattan garden furniture gives a sunburn to all exteriors.
The good news ? There are also small benches or miniature outdoor furniture for those who do not have much space. Whether you have a garden, terrace, patio or balcony, rattan is the ideal natural material for your outdoor decoration. Think also of planters, candlesticks or lanterns hanging trees for a romantic atmosphere to perfection …