Home staging: 10 cheap tips to revamp your kitchen

Home staging is a formidable technique to highlight a property for sale or lease. Thanks to various tricks – by depersonalizing the decor, by restructuring the spaces or by finalizing the unfinished work -, the tenants or potential buyers are projecting themselves more in the places . Charmed by the idea? Refresh your old kitchen at a lower cost to facilitate the sale or rental of your home!

Well-known real estate agents and interior designers, the home staging is applicable to all parts of the house , especially in the kitchen , one of the rooms in which prospective buyers or tenants seek to project the most. It is indeed difficult to imagine living in an apartment or a house whose kitchen is outdated, not very functional or too personalized. By revamping the space with some fast and cheap tricks , you put all the odds on your side. Are you shown how to make your kitchen more desirable ?

Tip home staging # 1: finalize small unfinished work in the kitchen

In order for your kitchen to seduce potential buyers or tenants, it is imperative to finish all the little jobs never finished and the deco projects abandoned . It is out of the question to contemplate launching visits when electric wires are scattered everywhere, as various chips break down the furniture and tiling or the wall painting is incomplete in certain corners. So roll up your sleeves and finally take the time to go after what you started .

Home staging: 10 cheap tips to revamp your kitchen

Home staging tip # 2: uncluttering space in the kitchen

Cooking utensils, provisions, dishes accumulated in the sink, small household appliances, spices … The clutter can quickly accumulate in the kitchen. But prospective buyers and tenants frankly do not need to see the mess of your kitchen during visits. So conceal the bazaar of the room in cupboards, baskets and boxes adapted or opt for space- saving modules to integrate into the kitchen furniture, and especially, take the opportunity to sort .

Tip home staging # 3: depersonalize the decor of the kitchen

It’s time to say goodbye to your family photos, magnets of all kinds that cover the refrigerator and everything that personalized too much your kitchen . If all these memories and accessories were your greatest happiness, they prevent future buyers to project themselves , to disregard your decor and imagine theirs.

Home staging tip # 4: repainting the walls of the kitchen

You love your walls red, yellow or blue in the kitchen … But these colors are not marked perhaps to everyone’s taste. To sell a property, bet on sober and neutral shades that leave buyers and tenants the opportunity to imagine their own decor. So set your sights on white , gray or warmer tones like the mole.

Home staging: 10 cheap tips to revamp your kitchen

Home staging tip # 5: revamping kitchen furniture

Your kitchen furniture is outdated and not up to date, and you want to refresh the decor of your kitchen in a home staging perspective ? No need to change everything! Several options are available: you can repaint the furniture – if they are in good condition – replace the doors with more modern models or trade their old handles for more deco.

Home staging tip # 6: changing or repainting the credence

An outdated credenza can plummet the atmosphere of the kitchen. To refresh the look, it can be repainted in neutral tones using a special paint, or covered with a specialized adhesive coating and available in many styles and colors. If your credence is really damaged, it is better to change it.

Home staging: 10 cheap tips to revamp your kitchen

Home staging tip # 7: get rid of an old-fashioned floor in the kitchen

The floor can make all the difference in the kitchen. A tiled beige, old or damaged attracts the decor and does not really want to the future buyers. Shop for a more aesthetic and practical coating , such as cement tiles or PVC tiles, or invest in more modern tiles .

Tip home staging # 8: invest in a new work plan … or revamp

If you revamp your kitchen furniture, please do not forget to refresh the work plan ! Granite, solid wood, adhesive coating, imitation waxed concrete , stainless steel , synthetic stone … A multitude of possibilities is offered to you for the choice of your new work plan. Most ? Some models cost less than 50 dollars ! A boon…
Home staging: 10 cheap tips to revamp your kitchen

Home staging tip # 9: light the kitchen

To highlight all the new features of your revamped kitchen , put it in the spotlight ! Replace old unpleasant halogens with built-in spots and multiply light sources by alternating direct and indirect lights. In addition to lighting the dark rooms, this process can make all the difference, at a lower cost!

Home staging tip # 10: put the old faucet in the closet

Here are the walls, the floor and the furniture of your kitchen brought up to date. But all those efforts do not serve much purpose if your old sink and dated faucet denote in the decor. Replace old elements against newer models. Mixer, mixer, sink in stoneware, stainless steel, resin or synthetic stone … The models are not lacking, and are often available at ridiculous prices.
Home staging: 10 cheap tips to revamp your kitchen