At the last edition of Maison et Objet, the trendsetter Vincent Grégoire evoked the concept of “Showroomisation”. With the digital revolution, you and I constantly showcase our interiors and of course the dishes do not escape this exhibition. Formerly tidy in the cupboards of the kitchen or in the buffet of the dining room, it is now displayed in showcase, on shelves or on refined furniture where it becomes the center of attention. Want to present dishes differently at home? Here are 10 ideas to inspire you.


Classic, the dresser!

Storing your dishes in a dresser … this is probably not the most original idea but it has the merit of running every time. Provided of course to forget the imposing and heavy style of granny that seems to encroach on the entire dining room. We prefer a clear wooden dresser, with clean lines and medium size in which we glide our most beautiful pieces.Warning ! There is no question of piling up all our service at the risk of ruining the desired visual effect.
dresser light wood



Simple shelves

If there is a trend that does not run out of steam in the kitchen, that’s it! The shelves fixed above the worktop and welcoming the dishes dress the walls in all lightness. In the middle of the plates and bowls, we add some decorative elements – a jug, a lady Jeanne or a little greenery – and the products and condiments to the most beautiful packaging to invigorate the decor.
kitchen dish rack



Drainer, and decor!

Here’s a nice idea! In many cases, dish drainers are sorely lacking in charm.But it was not counting on the wall models that they are a real asset in the kitchen! Whether you like a dish rack with spades, ideal for cups, or for an Indian dish rack in which plates, bowls, stemware or cutlery can be stored, the verdict is irrevocable: we love it!
kitchen dish drainer



Hanging tableware

Exposing dishes and kitchenware does not necessarily mean spending money on installation. The proof ! With a simple gold bar and some metal hooks on a meter or two, you can perfectly suspend a good part of your most beautiful accessories. Most: having everything in sight and at your fingertips, you save time when preparing meals.
tableware furniture



A showcase

Some time neglected, the showcase is back in the trendy interiors. Reworked and modernized, she responds present to all styles to showcase the most beautiful pieces of tableware cabinet of curiosities.If the version with glass doors has always been so successful, we also love the models with the grid finishes that let us glimpse only what we want to show.
dishwashing display case




In a basket

Simple idea and easy to perform at home: the storage of the dishes in a small basket. Accessory declinable to infinity, it is chosen preferably with handles – handy if it should be carried – and in the form of a plateau not too high to enjoy visually what is stored there. Ideal for stacking breakfast cups near the coffeemaker or toaster, for example.
kitchen cup basket




A service of pro

A few years ago, the small trolley on wheels came back on the scene in the kitchen and in the dining room.Recently, it is the XXL models, professional trolley style that are talking about them. Imagined without any frills, with pastel finishes or left raw, these furniture mounted on wheels with an industrial look and design welcome and transport with charm all the dishes that we want to expose.
service pro roulette



Original shelves

If shelf shelves work wonders in exposing dishes, the same applies to more original models. Wooden cube way, we put plates and bowls on them or inside. Ditto for the wraparound version in pastel metal, also more practical to protect dishes from dust than traditional shelves.
shelf rack



A sideboard

Lightweight and airy, the mesh furniture is part of the must have of the moment.In the dining room, it is in the form of a buffet that he invites himself, alone or with several, and in which the dishes are stacked with order. Most: this type of room is easily associated with lacquered furniture or natural wood.
dishwashing buffet