DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

The kitchen island does not lack qualities. Convenient for cooking, storing and eating on the run, it also gives all its style to the kitchen . But as it is not easy to find the island perfectly suited to its cuisine, we suggest you to make it yourself. Our 10 cooking island ideas are here to inspire you. At each kitchen his DIY solution!

Diverted, recycled, tinkered … The kitchen island made to measure adapts to the needs of the cook and all his family. The island is not stingy with its features while remaining trendy and deco. Discover, step by step, practical and aesthetic DIY islands .

1. Indus style kitchen island in raw wood and zinc

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture
This island is composed of a structure in wooden pallets superimposed, surmounted by a zinc worktop. Storage spaces, naked, are improvised between the wooden boards under the tray. The coldness of the metal and the brutality of the wood from the factory combine in an industrial style that we particularly cherish.

How to make this DIY step by step: Recover eight wooden pallets, big and solid, the rawest possible. Clean them. Stack them as they are horizontally on two levels. Fix them together with wood glue. Place a zinc plate on the island-sized tray and fold the edges cold. If necessary, screw the zinc plate to the four corners of the island.

2. A very clever suspended kitchen island

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

On the ground, a traditional island to peel, slice, measure, mix … Above, pots, pans, drainers and salad bowls hanging. With this island to do it yourself, we gain space with storage height that are nevertheless within easy reach of the work plan. A clever choice that gives a lot of character to the kitchen.

How to make this DIY step by step: Riveting between them parts of old barrel hoops to get the desired oval shape. Galvanize the metal if necessary. Drill the four-point structure with a metal drill to pass metal cables to screw on the ceiling. Simply place on the structure hooks “S”.

3. A customized and graphic kitchen island

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

Maiju Saw

We love the graphic style of this kitchen with its central island painted in white with black stripes, and its coordinated stool. The worktop of the draper’s table, which is used here as an island, remained natural, as it was originally, while the rest of the furniture is painted, which gives the island a style that is both vintage and very contemporary.

How to make this DIY step by step: Chine an old draper’s table, sand it and paint it in white leaving the neutral tray. Possibly put a second layer. Let dry. On the drawer surface, place repositionable Scotch tape to create scratches. Paint in black the parts left in the open air. Let dry. Gently remove the tape.

4. A self-made kitchen island with storage baskets

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

An old draper’s table is here renovated and diverted as a kitchen island. The peculiarity of this piece of furniture is to offer a long worktop , very practical for cooking, and a low shelf where you can come just ask for storage baskets. The woven fiber baskets associated with the antique furniture bring a soft country air to the room.

How to make this DIY step by step: Chiner a drapery table to renovate. Clean it and simply protect it with a protective varnish leaving visible the stigmata of the weather. Collect the most beautiful baskets to put on the lower part of the furniture.

5. An island of massive kitchen very nature

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

This islet of home-made cuisine has particularly struck us in the eye for its originality. It is however quite simple to realize because it is only a plateau carved in a cypress preserved with its bark, which rests on metal trestles. It’s a real piece of nature in the kitchen!

How to make this DIY step by step: Cut with a circular saw a slab in a piece of raw wood taking care to keep its bark on the sides of the board. Lay it on a pair of metal trestles. Possibly build a low shelf with planks of wood to store material under the surface of the massive shelf.

6. A kitchen island like a bar

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

A bar is added behind a kitchen island to obtain a second level, one from which to cook standing, and the other to sit in a high chair. The bar here seems to be an element of furniture recovered from an old building , but it can be made from rustic wooden sleepers, with two vertical crosspieces as feet on which rests a horizontal cross.

How to make this DIY step by step: Recover three old wooden sleepers. Clean and keep them raw. Using a circular saw, cut two sleepers to obtain a height of 1.20 m. Saw the third crossbar the length of your bar. Screw the sleepers together, possibly using support brackets.

7. DIY: make a mobile kitchen island

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

Here the island is made from a cubic box on which rest wooden planks to form a plan where to cook and eat. It has the appearance of a central block around which one comes to activate or to sit down. Despite its imposing shape it remains mobile thanks to wheels fixed in its four corners.

How to realize this DIY step by step: To recover a box or to realize it with plates of wood. Saw formwork boards in the necessary length and quantity. Paint them to protect them, then stick them on the box with wood glue. Attach casters to the four corners of the cabinet.

8. Dress up an old rusty metal piece of furniture in an old kitchen island

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

The kitchen island is here a wonderful cook or metal craft furniture, diverted from its primary function, on which is added a beautiful wooden tray. As it remained in its juice, it has a peeling paint and a little rust, for a style indus at the top.

How to make this DIY step by step: Chiner an old metal furniture. Apply a rust inhibitor to stop the oxidation. Chiner a beautiful thick wooden plate and aged to the dimensions of the furniture. Stick it on the furniture with wood glue.

9. A kitchen island half bar, half table

DIY: 10 ideas of kitchen islands to manufacture

We love the combination of white marble and wood in this idea of ​​kitchen island to do it yourself. In appearance it is a counter, but it is surmounted by a marble worktop that exceeds a whole side to be able to sit there, feet under the bar.

How to make this DIY step by step: Recover four wooden beams of 1.20 m from which to form a cladding of wooden planks to obtain the shape of a counter. Lay and glue a marble tray wider than the counter surface.

10. An XXL kitchen island made of wooden pallets

Generous shapes for this island adapted to a kitchen in lengthwhere you can eat and cook a lot. Several pallets are needed to make it: at least four placed vertically to form trestles on which other pallets are placed horizontally. We love the naturally tinted tray wood while the feet are painted in color.

How to make this DIY step by step: Sand the pallets. Paint the feet. Apply a protective varnish on the pallets used as a worktop. Fix the pallets of the board together with wood glue. Attach brackets between the legs and the tray for better support.