At each ceiling, his painting! Glycero or acrylic? Everything depends on the desired rendering. Then comes the choice of the finish: matte, gloss or satin, all depends on the level of resistance expected. As for beams and wet rooms, we give you all our advice!



– Which painting to choose for my ceiling?
– Which finish to choose for the painting of my ceiling?
– Which painting to choose for the beams of my ceiling?
– Painting a ceiling in color
– The special case of kitchens and bathrooms



1. Which paint to choose for my ceiling?

There are two main types of paints to paint a ceiling:
Acrylic paint: probably the most used and the easiest to apply. However, it is not very resistant because it is not leachable. If you opt for acrylic paint, choose a bilayer paint to avoid traces.
The oil-based paint more difficult to apply and full of harmful solvents, oil-based paint yet the offers made smoother. It takes longer to dry than acrylic paint, but is washable and particularly resistant.
Good to know: you will need to provide an undercoat and two coats of paint to leave no trace. Needless to say you will need a stable step stool, adapted brushes and good protection for your furniture and your floor!



4. Painting a ceiling in color

We did not find better to lower a ceiling too high and rebalance the room. The tip without risk? Choose a color in monochrome, slightly lighter than that of the walls. Thus, no visual break, but a softened atmosphere and a less cramped room. Do you prefer risk taking? In this case, if your ceiling height is more than 2m30, you can paint it with a sharp and dark color: a very aesthetic bias! In addition, under eaves, painting the ceiling can also be a solution to change the perception of space.



5. The special case of kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchen and bathroom are damp rooms, often prone to splashing, which require special attention. They indeed need a suitable painting, as well on the walls as on the ceiling. On the latter, prefer a glycerol paint, particularly resistant and finish satin or shiny, also very resistant.