Imagine. You come back from a big day, or a hike, be it nature or in the jungle of the city. The perfect idea: a bath! Yes but beware, a bath simmered with small bubbles. Because it’s good to be good … it’s just great!


1. The cliché that foam

It’s a cliche: the bubble bath with a soft light, why not small scented candles, petals of flowers that touch the skin, in the water, a small waterproof cushion for the head … Let’s admit that it is not a cliché for nothing: with this device, we are already not bad! Step above? It is of course to be surrounded by all that could be useful or pleasant to you: a plate to put the polar one that you can not leave any more, a small led lamp to accompany your reading, a drink, a small cup You just have to lengthen the hot water from the tip of the foot from time to time, and that’s the foot.Simply.



2. The festive bath

Festive, the bath? And why not ! Leaving the lascivious version described above, the bath can also be a sacred moment of energy. We make the watts fart with a radio designed for the bathroom, we choose effervescent bath balls that invigorate, we do not forget that the water flowing nicely drowns our voice in a net that we have the right to d ‘imagine harmonious, we take his neon shower head or LED lighting as a microphone … And go for a tidal wave of good mood!
If you want to spread this spirit in the decor of your bathroom, do not hesitate to invite a bright color, or a harmony of 2 or 3 colors, to give tone to the room. >
3. Place to care
There are times, we want to make the red carpet care: shampoo, conditioner, care, exfoliation, mask … The total! Suddenly place a quantity of products in unstable Indian file at the edge of the bathtub.. Unless you take care of yourself down to the last detail, with different storage systems depending on the configuration of your space: small shelves, corner shelf, screw or suction cup, small hooks suspension for gloves and sponges, perforated plastic baskets if you have room at the end of the tub … It may sound anecdotal, but it’s really nice to have everything at your fingertips, and that’s It is sometimes more relaxing to have the impression that things naturally find their place. It’s so easy to afford that comfort, let’s take advantage of it!



4. It is healing the bath outlet

What is worse than being cold after having relaxed so well in a bath? What would be the point of shivering after having relaxed comfortably? So we anticipate, and we heal the bath outlet paying attention to key details: we expect a nice floor mat with feet, soft and absorbent, we dress in a giant bathrobe that caresses the skin, we grow even comfort until you have put it on a heated towel rail, flip-flops or small slippers are available to avoid the coldness of the tiles … The well-being continues, it is ideal for the last fundamental care of the bath : the cream, to moisturize your skin!
bath linen



5. The well-being continues

The benefits of the bath exceed the moment when one is immersed in the water and find a nice extension in a certain lounging, in contact with a soft plaid or a soft bath towel, depending on the season. A tea in your favorite cup, a bouquet of flowers near you to guess a light summer scent, all sitting in the best armchair of the house and surrounded by the most cozy cushions. Because if you are in the bath of well-being … It’s up to you to stay there!